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  • All that money you spend on advertising: does it work? Of course it does. But what form of advertising is the most effective of all? Television? Radio? Newspapers? Billboards? To answer the question about your advertising, consider this: Which of the advertisements you use, when seen by one person, is most likely to result in business? The answer may surprise you, because it's one of your least expensive and smallest ads, dozens of which will fit easily into your pocket or purse: your business card.

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  • McGraw-Hill/Irwin © 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., All Rights Reserved. .Support Media Various other media used to deliver marketing communications and to promote products and services. Includes: Out-of-home media Billboards, transit ads, in-store media Promotional Products (Specialty advertising) Yellow Pages Advertising Advertising in Movie Theaters and Videos Product Placements in Television and Movies In-flight advertising Other .Outdoor Advertising Three Major Forms: Posters – used for shorter time periods 30-sheet (standard and bleed) 12 ft. x 25 ft.

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  • Be aware that some of these sample letters have legal, financial, or other implications. If you are not sure about the use of any letter, consult with an appropriate professional first ART WORK FOR BILLBOARD DESIGN: Includes conceptual layouts, comprehensive layout, artist's renderings, preparation of camera - ready mechanicals. Estimated cost $250.

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  • Ở Việt Nam, quảng cáo trực tuyến vẫn bị đánh đồng với các phương tiện quảng cáo truyền thông như quảng cáo tấm lớn (billboard), mà chưa được nhìn nhận theo đúng nghĩa của nó.

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  • The MICROMASTER 410 inverter is suitable for a variety of variable-speed drive applications. It is especially suitable for use with pumps and fans, as a drive in various sectors, e.g. food, textile and packaging industries as well as for conveyor systems, factory gate and garage door drives and as a universal drive for moving billboards.

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  • Câu hỏi lớn nhất để thích ứng với sự bùng nổ của internet và mạng xã hội là am hiểu văn hóa địa phương. Tiếp thị số (digital marketing) gồm nhiều công cụ marketing kỹ thuật số hiện đại như website, email, mạng xã hội, blog, mobile marketing, fan page, Digital billboard… dựa nền tảng kết nối.

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  • a. The product is the Greater Rochester Area. The target audience must be childless, 18-28 year old men and women. b. The Plan must stay within a total tactical budget of $50,000 (including advertising & promotion). c. Each team has the same maximum media allotment of two (2) TV Spots, twelve (12) Radio Spots, one (1) Billboard and ten (10) Print Ads. The Plan should NOT focus these traditional media, but rather how this traditional media will integrate with the tactics put forth in the plan or any non-traditional media methods proposed in the plan. d.

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  • Since Don’t Make Me Think was first published nearly five years ago, people have been wonderful about the book. I get lots of lovely email. You can’t imagine how nice it is to start your morning with someone you’ve never met telling you that they enjoyed something that you did. (I recommend it highly.)

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  • Tạo một document 300dpi với các kích thước rộng 17 x 11 và một Background màu đen. Sử dụng Type Tool (T), chọn phông chữ “Billboard” và bất kỳ kiểu chữ nào mà bạn muốn gõ trong Text rực lửa của bạn. Chúng tôi muốn biết chắc chắn kiểu chữ khi chúng ta hoàn thành sẽ trông như thế nào, bây giờ, chúng ta phải gõ và sắp xếp toàn bộ kiểu chữ đó. Giống như bạn nhìn thấy bên dưới.

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  • c) Quảng cáo ngoài trời Có nhiều hình thức quảng cáo ngoài trời nhưng phổ biến nhất vẫn là dùng panô hay các bảng hiệu (billboard) đặt ở những nơi công cộng, trên nóc và tường các tòa nhà giữa trung tâm thành phố, các xa lộ, các nhà cao tầng, nhà ga,...để quảng cáo đạt hiệu quả thì nên đặt panô quảng cáo ở các điểm dừng, điểm nhấn, điểm chặng trên các trục giao thông theo hướng và tầm nhìn chuyển động.

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  • Marketing and advertising play a significant role in setting norms and encouraging behaviors, especially for children. Annually, children view tens of thousands of television commercials and see hundreds of billboard and poster advertisements; the majority of these commercials promote food products. As a result, children view multiple food advertisements every day, with the heaviest food advertising for the least nutritious foods and beverages.

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  • America’s modern culture is unavoidably and irreversibly immersed in the media. Men, Women, grandmothers, teenagers, even children are subject to the powerful influence of media today. As Americans, we are subject to an abounding atmosphere of subliminal messages and culturally strive to be like those we see on television, in the movies, and walking down the streets of Hollywood. It is vital to realize in our hustle-bustle lives that a billboard with a favorite celebrity sprawled across it does not deserve respect and extensive praise.

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  • Ra đời năm 2007, Truyền thông Tự Lập định vị trở thành công ty quảng cáo, công ty tổ chức sự kiện, công ty PR tổ hợp sở hữu kênh truyền thông OOH có lượng người thụ hưởng nội dung lớn nhất Việt Nam. Hơn 5 năm qua chúng tôi tự hào và khẳng định được vị thế tiên phong của mình trong việc xây dựng hệ thống quảng cáo frame, billboard đặt tại hệ thống trạm xăng. Với triết lý “ sáng tạo từ hiểu biết “, trải qua hơn 5 năm kinh nghiệm, Tự Lập đã nghiên...

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  • In 1978, China had only one bank. This acted both as the central bank and the commercial bank, but today there are six commercial banks, a few regional banks, and urban and rural credit co-operations, as well as the central bank. The further reform in China's financial system is still in progress. Before 1978, there were no advertisements in China, but today advertisements are part of the daily life of China's masses.

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  • In January 1954, Billboard, the leading US music and entertainment journal, reported on an exclusive contract between the American record company Tempo Records and the government-owned radio station in Afghanistan, Radio Kabul. The contract guaranteed exclusive recording rights in Afghanistan. During a five-month trip around India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Irving Fogel, President of Tempo Records at the time, collected original indigenous music.

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  • Movies have always had a powerful influence on people’s behavior, from how they talk to how they dress. Tobacco marketers took advantage of this power to popularize cigarettes over cigars and to make smoking by women socially acceptable. The number of women stars posing with cigarettes in the 1930s and 1940s may have been no accident. And paying stars to endorse cigarette brands in print and billboard advertising was certainly business as usual, until smoking’s link to lung cancer shattered tobacco’s glamorous image in the early 1960s....

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  • It’s in magazines and newspapers, it’s on television and radio, it’s on buses and billboards and pretty much everywhere you look. The iPad is the touchscreen tablet from Apple, representing the next generation of mobile computing. Packed with dozens of new features, the iOS 3.2 SDK enables you to build sophisticated, desktop-quality apps for this exciting new platform. Every iPhone and iPod touch app developer looking to take the next step and move into the iPad arena will want to read this book from cover to cover....

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  • Research shows that sensational news stories as well as popular romance novels often feature themes related to important topics in evolutionary psychology. In the first of four studies described in this paper we examined the song lyrics from three Billboard charts: Country, Pop, and R&B. A content analysis of the lyrics revealed 18 reproductive themes that read like an outline for a course in evolutionary psychology. Approximately 92% of the 174 songs that made it into the Top Ten in 2009 contained one or more reproductive messages, with an average of 10.49 reproductive...

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  • Bảng ngoài trời (billboard) là một loại hình quảng cáo, một công cụ truyền thông marketing phổ biến mà mới trông, ai cũng sẽ nghĩ rằng đây là một loại hình quảng cáo đơn giản. Tuy nhiên, người trong nghề thì lại không nghĩ như vậy.

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  • In web design, we don’t use ink. We use pixels. Join me on the campaign to “Save the Pixel”. When you’re designing, use only as many images, lines, CSS definitions, boxes, pages, forms, changes in colour, changes in style, etc. as you need to get your stuff across. Always assume that your visitor's attention span is limited, and that knowledge will help guide your choices.

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