Binary decomposition

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  • Relation Decomposition and Insufficiency of Normal Forms (cont.): Attribute preservation condition: Each attribute in R will appear in at least one relation schema Ri in the decomposition so that no attributes are “lost”. Another goal of decomposition is to have each individual relation Ri in the decomposition D be in BCNF or 3NF. Additional properties of decomposition are needed to prevent from generating spurious tuples

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  • Chapter 17 - Recursion. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: What is recursion? recursion versus iteration, towers of Hanoi, fibonacci numbers, binary search, integer to ASCII,...

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  • In this work, we investigate the use of error-correcting output codes (ECOC) for boosting centroid text classifier. The implementation framework is to decompose one multi-class problem into multiple binary problems and then learn the individual binary classification problems by centroid classifier. However, this kind of decomposition incurs considerable bias for centroid classifier, which results in noticeable degradation of performance for centroid classifier. In order to address this issue, we use Model-Refinement to adjust this so-called bias. ...

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