Biochemical oxygen

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  • This study was performed to develop software sensorsto predict the BOD5 of river water and wastewater. The software sensors were based on the multiple-regression analysis using the dissolved organic carbon(DOC) concentration, UV light absorbance at 254nm and synchronous fluorescence spectra. River water samples and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)effluents were collected at 1-hour interval to evaluatethe feasibility of the software sensors.

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  • Waste water Có hiệu lực từ Method for the derter mination of biochemiccal 01/7/1989 oxygen demand (BOD) Tiêu chuẩn này quy định phương pháp Winkler xác định nhu cầu sinh hóa oxy (được viết tắc là BOD) (biochemical oxygen demad). 1. Phương pháp lấy mẫu 1.1. Lấy mẫu theo TCVN 4556-88 1.2. Mẫu lấy để xác định nhu cầu sinh hóa oxy lấy như mẫu xác định oxy hoà tan. Nước chưa phân tích ngay phải bảo quản ở điều kiện nhỏ hơn 4oC....

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  • Subunit 4 of cytochromecoxidase (CcO) is a nuclear-encoded regulatory subunit of the terminal complex of the mitochondrial electron transport chain. We have recently discovered an isoform of CcO 4 (CcO4-2) which is specific to lung and trachea, and is induced after birth. The role of CcO as the major cellular oxygen consumer, and the lung-specific expression of CcO4-2, led us to investigate CcO4-2gene regulation.

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  • This novel, timely and cost-competitive book on ‘Wetland Systems to Control Urban Runoff’ covers water and environmental engineering aspects relevant for the drainage and treatment of stormwater, wastewater and contaminated natural watercourses from predominantly urban areas, providing a descriptive overview of the complex ‘black box’ treatment systems and design issues involved. The fundamental science and engineering principles of relevant water and wastewater treatment units and processes are explained to address the student as well as the professional market.

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  • Phototrophic green bacteria, phototrophic purple bacteria, and heliobacteria are three groups of bacteria that use anoxygenic photosynthesis. Anoxygenic phototrophs have photosynthetic pigments called bacteriochlorophylls. Bacteriochlorophyll a and b have maxima wavelength absorption at 775 nm and 790 nm, respectively in ether. Unlike oxygenic phototrophs, anoxygenic photosynthesis only functions using a single photosystem. This restricts them to cyclic electron flow only, and they are therefore unable to produce O2 from the oxidization of H2O.

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  • Research in anoxic environments is a relatively new and rapidly growing branch of science that is of general interest to many students of diverse microbial communities. The term anoxia means absence of atmospheric oxygen, while the term hypoxia refers to O 2 depletion or to an extreme form of “low oxygen.” Both terms anoxia and hypoxia are used in various contexts. It is accepted that the initial microorganisms evolved anaerobically and thrived in an atmosphere without oxygen. The rise of atmospheric oxygen occurred ~2.

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  • Flavonols are produced by the desaturation of flavanols catalyzed by flavonol synthase. The enzyme belongs to the class of intermolecular dioxygenases which depend on molecular oxygen and Fe II /2-oxoglutarate for activity, and have been in focus of structural studies recently. Flavonol synthase cDNAs were cloned from six plant species, but none of the enzymes had been studied in detail.

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  • Glutathione peroxidases (GPXs, EC were first discovered in mam-mals as key enzymes involved in scavenging of activated oxygen species (AOS). Their efficient antioxidant activity depends on the presence of the rare amino-acid residue selenocysteine (SeCys) at the catalytic site.

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  • Ascorbic acid is often regarded as an antioxidantin vivo, where it protects against cancer by scavenging DNA-dam-aging reactive oxygen species. However, the detailed mech-anism of the action of ascorbic acid on genetic DNA is still unclear. We examined the effect of ascorbic acid on the higher-order structure of DNA through real-time observa-tion by fluorescence microscopy. We found that ascorbic acid generates a pearling structure in single giant DNA molecules, with elongated and compact regions coexisting along a molecular chain. ...

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  • Evidence is accumulating that oxygen access in proteins is guided and con-trolled. We also have recently described channels that might allow access of oxygen to pockets at the active site of the flavoproteinD-amino acid oxi-dase (DAAO) that have a high affinity for dioxygen and are in close prox-imity to the flavin.

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  • Sugars play important roles as both nutrients and regulatory molecules throughout plant life. Sugar metabolism and signalling function in an intri-cate network with numerous hormones and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, signalling and scavenging systems.

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  • Lactococcus lactiscan decrease the redox potential at pH 7 (Eh7) from 200 to )200 mV in oxygen free Man–Rogosa–Sharpe media. Neither the con-sumption of oxidizing compounds or the release of reducing compounds during lactic acid fermentation were involved in the decrease inEh7by the bacteria.

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  • Neuronal growth-inhibitory factor, later renamed metallothionein-3, is one of four members of the mammalian metallothionein family. Metallothione-ins are a family of ubiquitous, low-molecular-weight, cysteine-rich proteins. Although neuronal growth-inhibitory factor shares metal-binding and reac-tive oxygen species scavenging properties with the other metallothioneins, it displays several distinct biological properties. ,

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  • Goldfish (Carassius auratus) may survive in aquatic environments with low oxygen partial pressures. We investigated the contribution of respiratory proteins to hypoxia tolerance inC. auratus. We determined the complete coding sequence of hemoglobinaandband myoglobin, as well as partial cDNAs from neuroglobin and cytoglobin.

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  • Riftia pachyptila(Vestimentifera) is a giant tubeworm living around the volcanic deep-sea vents of the East Pacific Rise. This animal is devoid of a digestive tract and lives in an intimate symbiosis with a sulfur-oxidizing chemoauto-trophic bacterium. This bacterial endosymbiont is localized in the cells of a richly vascularized organ of the worm: the trophosome.

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  • The methodology used to calculate the Alberta BOD5 release rate can be found in Appendix 2. The Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) standard identified in the USEPA Cluster Rules for New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) is the benchmark for existing mills, as Alberta mills currently apply the technology required to achieve this standard. This was based on a review of the current performance values for Alberta mills, other Canadian mills, top performing mills in the U.S., and allows for sufficient flexibility for plant operations during shutdown, start-up and upset conditions.

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  • In this chapter you will learn: Structure of myoglobin and hemoglobin similar; understand oxygen binding curves (where high and low affinity binding occurs); understand positive cooperatively in relationship to oxygen binding to hemoglobin, be able to describe this in relationship to protein conformation and the sigmoidal oxygen binding curve; be able to describe T and R conformations of Hb; understand how oxygen binding changes Hb conformation; define allosteric interaction;...

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  • The dominant perciform suborder Notothenioidei is an excellent study group for assessing the evolution and functional importance of biochemical adaptations to temperature. The availability of notothenioid taxa in a wide range of latitudes (Antarctic and non-Antarctic) provides a tool to enable identification of physiological and biochemical characteristics gained and lost during evolutionary history.

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  • We have engineered a stable octameric hemoglobin (Hb) of molecular mass 129 kDa, a dimer of recombinant hemoglobin (rHbbG83C-F41Y) tetra-mers joined by disulfide bonds at theb83 position. One of the major prob-lems with oxygen carriers based on acellular hemoglobin solutions is vasoactivity, a limitation which may be overcome by increasing the mole-cular size of the carrier.

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  • Metformin (1,1-dimethylbiguanide) is an antihyperglycae-mic drug used to normalize glucose concentrations in type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, antioxidant benefits have been reported in diabetic patients treated with metformin. This work was aimed at studying the scavenging capacity of this drug against reactive oxygen species (ROS) like Æ OH and O Æ 2 -free radicals. ROS were produced by gamma radio-lysis of water. The irradiated solutions of metformin were analyzed by UV/visible absorption spectrophotometry.

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