Biped robots

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  • Biped robots represent a very interesting research subject, with several particularities and scope topics. Natural biped locomotion involves a very large number of degrees of freedom. There are more than 200 degrees of freedom in the human locomotion. Besides, we have diverse problems related to kinematics, dynamics, equilibrium, stability, etc.

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  • As the development of smart biped robots has been thriving, research and development of personal robots with unique personalities will become an important issue in the next decade. For instance, we might want to have robots capable of affording us pleasure by chatting, singing or joking with us in our homes. Most of these functions are realized by verbal communications. However, motion of a whole body, namely non-verbal communication, also plays an important role. We can get information concerning the personality of a subject when we observe his or her body motion.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'climbing and walking robots', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • This chapter describes the development of a humanoid robotic language and the creation of a virtual reality system for the simulation of humanoid robots. In this chapter we propose a description language for specifying motions for humanoid robots and for allowing humanoid robots to acquire motor skills. Locomotion greatly increases our ability to interact with our environments, which in turn increases our mental abilities. This principle also applies to humanoid robots.

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  • Trong bài báo này, một phương pháp điều khiển cho một mô hình phi tuyến của một robot 7 động vật hai chân Sở Tài chính được thảo luận. Dáng đi Đi bộ là tạo ra bằng cách kiểm soát vị trí của thân của robot để theo dõi một quỹ đạo mong muốn dựa trên phân tích các động lực của một con lắc ngược chiều. Các chuyển động của con lắc ngược chiều bị hạn chế di chuyển dọc theo một chiếc máy bay được xác định.

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  • Humanoid robots are developed to use the infrastructures designed for humans, to ease the interactions with humans, and to help the integrations into human societies. The developments of humanoid robots proceed from building individual robots to establishing societies of robots working alongside with humans. This book addresses the problems of constructing a humanoid body and mind from generating walk patterns and balance maintenance to encoding and specifying humanoid motions and the control of eye and head movements for focusing attention on moving objects....

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  • Nowadays robotics is one of the most dynamic fields of scientific researches. The shift of robotics researches from manufacturing to services applications is clear. During the last decades interest in studying climbing and walking robots has been increased. This increasing interest has been in many areas that most important ones of them are: mechanics, electronics, medical engineering, cybernetics, controls, and computers.

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  • Besides these, "Imagine the psychological impact upon a foe when encountering squads of seemingly invincible warriors protected by armor and endowed with superhuman capabilities, such as the ability to leap over 20-foot walls, " said Ned Thomas, the director of Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN) (Wakefield, 2002). Another use of exoskeletons is that they could help integrate women into combat situations.

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  • The book Advances in Computer Science and Engineering constitutes the revised selection of 23 chapters written by scientists and researchers from all over the world. The chapters cover topics in the scientific fields of Applied Computing Techniques, Innovations in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Applications and Advances in Applied Modeling.

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  • 27 Humanoid Robots 27.1 27.2 Zero-Moment Point — Proper Interpretation Introduction • The ZMP Notion • The Difference between ZMP and the Center of Pressure (CoP) Modeling of Biped Dynamics and Gait Synthesis Single-Support Phase • Double-Support Phase • Biped Dynamics • Example 27.3 Miomir Vukobratovi´ c Mihajlo Pupin Institute Control Synthesis for Biped Gait Synthesis of Control with Limited Accelerations • Synthesis of Global Control with Respect to ZMP Position • Example 27.4 27.

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