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  • We show that any analytically integrable Hamiltonian system near an equilibrium point admits a convergent Birkhoff normalization. The proof is based on a new, geometric approach to the topic. 1. Introduction Among the fundamental problems concerning analytic (real or complex) Hamiltonian systems near an equilibrium point, one may mention the following two: 1) Convergent Birkhoff. In this paper, by “convergent Birkhoff” we mean a normalization, i.e.

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  • We prove that the Birkhoff normal form of hamiltonian flows at a nonresonant singular point with given quadratic part is always convergent or generically divergent. The same result is proved for the normalization mapping and any formal first integral. Introduction In this article we study analytic (R or C-analytic) hamiltonian flows xk ˙ yk ˙ ∂H , ∂yk ∂H = − , ∂xk = + where xk , yk ∈ C (resp. R), k = 1, 2, . . . n, and H is an analytic hamiltonian with power series expansion at 0 beginning with quadratic terms (so that 0...

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  • As for formal features, in recent advertisements abstraction is found not as a flat composition of graphical or animated elements, but as a reduction of pho- tographic images to a painterly arrangement of light and colour. However, the arrangement of the visuals based on music harks back to the concept of rhythm so central in the modernist avant-garde.

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  • Though Birkhoff’s model does include important components of aesthetics, it does not provide for emotional reactions from interpretation. Birkhoff himself made reference to this, when he pointed out that certain polygons might have associations not accounted for in M that could influence judgement. For example, a cross-shaped polygon may have “positive connotative associations1 .” Later, Berlyne incorporated meaning, as well as complexity and order (or the related property, balance) in the model described next....

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  • Mục đích của luận án là thiết lập định lý ergodic Birkhoff dạng nhiều chiều, thiết lập luật số lớn đối với mảng hai chỉ số và mảng tam giác các biến ngẫu nhiên đa trị nhận giá trị trên không gian các tập con đóng của không gian Banach thực, khả ly với các giả thiết khác nhau.

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