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  • Hòa mình cùng thiên nhiên tại Blue Ocean Khu nghỉ mát sở hữu một bờ cát mịn trải dài ở Phan Thiết này đem đến một không gian yên bình và dân dã. Các khu bungalow vừa hiện đại vừa thân thiện với thiên nhiên khiến du khách thực sự thư giãn, quên đi những lo âu đời thường. Khu nghỉ có một bờ cát trắng tuyệt vời. Du khách có thể nhâm nhi cà phê và ngắm biển. Những gam màu hiện đại ưa được sử dụng tại đây. Nhà hàng Senses lãng mạn.

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  • No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise), without the prior permission of the publisher. Requests for permission should be directed to, or mailed to Permissions, Harvard Business School Publishing, 60 Harvard Way, Boston, Massachusetts 02163.

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  • Who isn’t made blissful sitting at water’s edge, staring at the horizon, hypnotized by that delicate, nearly imperceptible yet somehow distinct line where blue meets blue? Who among us doesn’t count those solitary, sun-washed moments—whether afloat on a boat or feet dug deep into the sand—as among the favorites of a lifetime? Cliché? Perhaps.

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  • Chiến Lược Đại Dương Xanh – Cạnh Tranh bằng cách không cạnh tranh Theo hai tác giả W.Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne của cuốn sánh ““Blue Ocean Strategy. How to create uncontested Market Space And Make Competition Irrelevant. - Chiến Lược Đại Dương Xanh. Cách tạo ra thị trường trống và không cạnh tranh” - được xếp hàng đầu về chiến lược kinh doanh năm 2005 - thì các doanh nghiệp theo truyền thống khi thiết kế chiến lược kinh doanh, thường đặt mình trong một thị trường cạnh tranh.

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  • This is a book about friendship, about loyalty, about believing in one another. It was because of that friendship, and that belief, that we set out on the journey to explore the ideas in this book and eventually came to write it. We met twenty years ago in a classroom—one the professor, the other the student. And we have worked together ever since, often seeing ourselves along the journey as two wet rats in a drain. This book is not the victory of an idea but of a friendship that we have found more meaningful than any idea in the world of business. It has made our lives rich...

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  • Cách đây vài năm Blue Oceans và Red Oceans rộng lớn thực sự đã tạo ra một cơn địa chấn trong nhận thức và ngôn từ của chúng ta, khi hai chuyên gia tại INSEAD, W. Chan Kim và Renee Mauborgne, khẳng định rằng cạnh tranh có thể không tồn tại.

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  • Why do objects lose their color with depth? The colors other than blue (and green) are absorbed by the water molecules in the first few meters only blue (and green) are reflected Sound is transmitted better Sound is transmitted better in water than it is in air Sound velocity in the ocean is about 1500 m/s, or about 4 times its speed in air Sound velocity increases with pressure and temperature

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  • Mary Harries gazed out across the sparkling blue ocean at the departing ship. From her position on the cliff she was looking down upon its deck - freshly scrubbed and glistening in the hot summer sunlight. Its sails were swollen with the breeze, and it listed slightly to one side as it began its long tack out of the harbour and its longer journey home. Gulls swooped low around its bows and, higher in the sky, the black squiggles of larger birds were wheeling and soaring. She couldn't tell what sort of birds they were, but there was a lot about New Albion that she couldn't recognize....

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  • “Earth is a unique planet, possibly one of the few in the galaxy that has water. Nearly 71% of it’s surface is ocean. From space, Earth is brilliantly blue, white in places with clouds and ice, sometimes swirling with storms. At it’s surface the ocean is in constant motion with powerful currents that stretch for thousands of miles and towering waves. Beneath the ocean’s surface lie hidden mountain ranges, vast trenches tens of thousands of feet deep, immense hot springs, and huge volcanoes spewing molten rock in massive eruptions.”...

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  • The story of American ships and sailors is an epic of blue water which seems singularly remote, almost unreal, to the later generations. A people with a native genius for seafaring won and held a brilliant supremacy through two centuries and then forsook this heritage of theirs. The period of achievement was no more extraordinary than was its swift declension. A maritime race whose topsails flecked every ocean, whose captains courageous from father to son had fought with pike and cannonade to defend the freedom of the seas, turned inland to seek a different destiny and took no more...

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  • On May 4, 1881, through the courtesy of the Chief of Revenue Marine, Mr. E.W. Clark, I was allowed to take passage from San Francisco, Cal., on board the United States Revenue steamer Corwin, whose destination was Alaska and the northwest Arctic ocean. The object of the cruise was, in addition to revenue duty, to ascertain the fate of two missing whalers and, if possible, to communicate with the Arctic exploring yacht Jeannette.

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