Body image concerns

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  • Perhaps you began to think about weight loss surgery after a conversation with your primary care physician, who was concerned about certain health problems that you have been struggling with that are related to obesity, such as heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, or sleep apnea. Perhaps as weight loss surgeries of various types became more popular in the media, you learned more about one or more of the procedures and thought that some form of weight loss surgery might be right for you.

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  • Medical practitioners and health care educators must be continually vigilant of the growing and ever-changing health issues related to girls and women who lead an active lifestyle and participate in sports and exercise. There have been landmark legislations that have changed the social perception that girls and women not only can, but should be physically active. With any changing social milieu, there are evolving health issues associated with the journey.

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  • A high degree of collaboration is often involved in creating public sculpture. Central collaborators are the sculptor and owner, typically a commissioning agency or developer. Architects and landscape architects can be artistic collaborators or part of the design team. Art object conservators, engineers and other consultants play a role in selecting materials and reviewing maintenance strategies or design aspects. Other advisory bodies and community groups may be part of the collaborative process.

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  • Breast cancer also elicits concerns regarding a woman’s view of herself. Many treat- ments for cancer challenge a woman’s body image and sexuality (Oktay, 1998). “The systemic treatment of breast cancer with chemotherapy or hormonal therapy may also affect self-image, fertility, and libido—all important components of ‘femininity’” (p. 6). The combined effects of breast surgery, loss of hair, decreased libido, and early meno- pause constitute a serious threat to a woman’s self-image.

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