Boundary spanners

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  • Projects have been in existence for thousands of years, dating back as far as Egyptian civilization and the construction of the pyramids. It is only recently that project management practices have evolved to the status of a discipline with proper methodology, tools, and techniques. Today, the need for efficient and effective management of projects within the organization comes about as a result of the increased competition in the marketplace.

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  • Bảo đảm trong nhóm có tối thiểu 15% là “người bắc cầu” “Người bắc cầu” (boundary spanner) là những người có mối liên hệ với nhiều người hữu ích khác ở ngoài nhóm nhờ tính cách, kỹ năng hay quá trình làm việc của họ. Họ sẽ là những người tạo nên sợi dây liên lạc giữa các thành viên trong nhóm với những người bên ngoài, giúp mở rộng biên giới của nhóm.

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  • As is the case with all of the volumes in this series, this book seeks to serve as a bridge between the vastly different worlds of psychology and psychiatry, and the law, and specifically to guide those boundary spanners — forensic mental health experts — who regularly set foot in both worlds at once. In this case, we turn to the civil law, which establishes a set of rights and duties that govern the daily business of life, and the manner in which citizens interact with one another.

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