Brain waves

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  • First, whether you are dining at your home or at a restaurant, have your prospect seated with his back to a solid wall or screen. Research shows that respiration, heart rate, brain wave frequencies and blood pressure rapidly increase when a person sits with his back to an open space, particularly where others are moving about. Tension is further increased if the person’s back is towards an open door or a window at ground level. Next, the lights should be dimmed and muffled background music played. Many top restaurants have an open fireplace or facsimile near the entrance of the...

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  • The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Romance of Mathematics, by P. Hampson This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at Title: The Romance of Mathematics Being the Original Researches of a Lady Professor of Girtham College in Polemical Science, with some Account of the Social Properties of a Conic; Equations to Brain Waves; Social Forces; and the Laws of Political Motion. Author: P. Hampson...

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  • Okay, now that you know the basics of the mechanics of sleep. Let’s talk about how you can use this new knowledge to sleep less, have more powerful sleep, and have more energy in your life. I have given you the previous “scientific” information here because I wanted you to have a knowledge base with the “right” information.

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  • If the saturated phenomenon encompasses excessive phenomena, it can also account for extremely empty and poor phenomena. This process of inversion and turnaround between two extremes in perception is certainly due to the ‘negative’ qualities of Marion’s philosophy and of the French phenomenological new wave in general 4 . Poor phenomena become saturated into an equilibrium system between the empty and the full, the excess and the lack.

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  • Since then Dr. Hans Berger discovered the electrical properties of the brain, it was considered ability to communicate outside personswith device only through the use of the brain wave (Vidal, 1973). Brain computer interface technology is aimed at communicating with users outside computer equipment through electroencephalographic signals as the command source (Wolpaw, JR, et al, 2000), (Birbaumer, N, et al, 2000).

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  • In contrast, endogenous device does not depend on the user's response to external stimuli, their base of operations in the detection and identification of brain wave patterns controlled by the user autonomy, example of this class of devices based on desynchronisation and synchronization of μ and β rhythms (Wolpaw, JR, et al, 2002), (Pfurtscheller et al, 2000a), (Pineda, JA et al. , 2003).

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  • Mobile phones are convenient and frequently invaluable, yet exposure to their electromagnetic radiation is invisible. Therefore, any danger this exposure poses may be easily dismissed. • Exposure is long-term and its effects on the body, particularly its electrical organ, the brain, are compounded by numerous other simultaneous long-term exposures including continuous waves from radio and TV transmitter towers, cordless phone base stations, power lines, and wireless/WiFi computing devices....

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  • In recent years, great advancements have been made in understanding the mechanisms of the functioning of the human brain. Technological developments such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), positron emission tomography (PET), and magnetoencephalography (MEG) have made possible the mapping of the images of cerebral activity from hemodynamic, metabolic or electromagnetic measurements.

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  • This field started for me in 1987 with a bioelectromagnetics instrument design portfolio that eventually comprised AC and DC gaussmeters, geomagnetometers, electrostatic and ion current meters, ELF spectrum analyzers, and a Dental Vapor Ionizer. I was privileged to exchange viewpoints with Dr. Robert O. Becker about the possibility of measuring a brain’s magnetoencephalogram (MEG) with off-the-shelf high-gain amplifier chips and of course, the effect of the earth’s Schumann resonance on brain waves....

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  • Chapter 12 - The central nervous system (part c), in this chapter you will learn about the following: Functional brain systems, limbic system, limbic system: emotion and cognition, reticular formation, reticular formation: RAS and motor function, electroencephalogram (EEG), brain waves,...and other contents.

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  • Color plays an essential role in our day-to-day lives. From birth we are taught to react to colors logically or emotionally. Colors have meaning, which vary from culture to culture and continent to continent. It governs and controls traffic, triggers strong emotions, and is used to describe moods. Light, perceived by the human eye, is the product of electromagnetic waves in a small range of wavelengths. Different wavelengths are perceived as different colors.

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  • Although alcohol is a brain sedative and promotes sleep, it actually reduces the amount of quality rapid eye movement (REM) sleep which we need to be fully rested and increases slow wave sleep. Its sedative effect lessens as the night progresses, arousal from sleep and continued wakefulness being likely to occur when the blood alcohol concentration approaches zero. Like other people, the elderly may have recourse to alcohol and prescribed drugs to help them cope with stress, anxiety and depression.

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  • Wireless protocols A MAC protocol for a wireless LAN provides two types of data-transfer Service Access Points (SAP): network and native. The network SAP offers an access to a legacy network protocol (e.g., IP). The native SAP provides an extended service interface that may be used by custom network protocols or user applications capable of fully exploiting the protocol specific Quality of Service (QoS) parameters within the cell service area. Broadband Radio Access Integrated Network (BRAIN) is used for millimeter wave band multimedia communications....

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  • It was November 9th, 1916. I lay in a state of luxurious semi-consciousness pondering contentedly over things in general, transforming utter impossibilities into plausible possibilities, wondering lazily the while if I were asleep. Presently, to my disgust an indefinable, yet persistent "something" came into being, almost threatening to dispel the drowsy mist then pervading my brain. The slow thought waves gradually ceased their surging, and after a slight pause began to collect round the offending mystery, as if seeking to unravel it in a half-hearted sort of way.

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