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  • Organic chemistry is easy to teach but difficult to learn. Students often complain that they understand the lectures or the book but 'can't do the exam questions'. This is largely because of the unique nature of the subject - at once more unified than any other branch of chemistry (or of science?) and more diverse in its applications.

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  • One of the lessons that the Bank has learned from the experience of so- cial funds is that involving poor citizens in the choices, design, and imple- mentation of projects responsive to their immediate needs may unearth new but modest sources of domestic savings for capital formation. These savings, effected mainly through the labor of the poor and the mobiliza- tion of parts of their unspent incomes, frees up public resources for other uses. This can potentially reduce the claims of the public sector on the national economy.

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  • Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy.[1] Biology is a vast subject containing many subdivisions, topics, and disciplines.

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  • To analyze the business model, you must perform an analysis of the company model and its corresponding geographical scope. Models can include branch office, subsidiaries, regional, national, and sometimes international offices. The process of analyzing the business model begins with understanding the dynamic decision-making processes, business information flow, communication flow, and service and product life cycles.

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  • The late Clark Clifford, advisor to US Presidents and legendaryWashington attorney, was famed for warning new clients interested in legal representation before the executive branch and its agencies that he had no “influence.”1 Clifford claimed only to possess the expertise of someone intimately familiar with the workings of the US government, which allowed him to instruct clients on how best to place their views and needs before administrative agencies and executive branch departments.

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  • Endoscopy has had a major impact in the development of modern medicine and other medical specialties. The field of endoscopic procedure has developed over the last decade. By using different data it provided a better understanding of pathogenic mechanisms, described new entities and used for early detection, diagnostic procedures and therapeutic procedures. The advantages of many technical advances and modern endoscopic equipments, endoscopy has had a developed spectacularly.

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  • Novel system performance through nanostructuring has been recognized in many branches of science in the latter half of the 20th century. In computer science, the computational efficiency has improved by nearly four orders of magnitude in 30 years, using energy consumed per operation as a metric. To achieve further advances will require the reduction in size of electronic devices to the scale of molecules; that is, a totally different type of computational machinery is required: molecular electronics.

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  • The level of education is expanding in the field of medical science, and the demand for cosmetic surgeons in India is at an all time high. Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is a fine tuned branch of medicine and requires intensive training. After an MBBS degree ,students would have to pursue a three-year Masters in Surgery (MS) degree and decide upon their area of specialization. The MS degree involves a house job, a junior residency and a senior residency for one year each.

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  • Almost two decades ago, I completed a project to develop and deploy a teller and sales application for a large U.S. bank. Enhanced business capabilities, technology upgrades in the branches, and a pending bank merger were the business drivers.

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  • The RBI formulates implements and monitors the monetary policy. It is responsible for regulating non-banking financial services companies, which operate like banks but are otherwise not permitted to carry on the business of banking.

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  • Eligibility criteria for setting up a branch or liaison office center on the track record and net worth of the foreign head office. For a branch, the head office must have a profit-making track record in its home country during the immediately preceding five financial years (three years for a liaison office). The net worth of the foreign head office cannot be less than USD 100,000 or its equivalent to establish a branch (USD 50,000 or its equivalent to establish a liaison office).

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  • Fruits are infected prior to harvest if wounded by insects or other means or the rot may progress from infected stems and branches into the fruit. Postharvest infection of fruit may occur through wounds made during harvesting, transit or storage periods or when warmer fruit are washed in cooler contaminated water (Kucharek and Bartz, 2000).

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  • Two samples were also analysed for polychlorinated dioxins and furans (PCDD/Fs), a class of chemical that can be formed during the combustion of materials present in e-waste. Soil from an open burning site was moderately contaminated, while sediment from the Agbogbloshie lagoon contained a very high level of these highly toxic, highly persistent and bioaccumulative chemicals, at a level just below the threshold defined as being indicative of serious contamination for sediments in the Netherlands.

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  • Measurements were carried out in a sheep shed and a pig- sty at a FAL branch in Mariensee near Neustadt-Hanno- ver, Germany, during the winter months when all animals spend their time indoors. Data was collected from a pigsty from 2st to 28th of Janu- ary 200. Hygiene regulations did not permit entry into the pigsty, and the measurement setup was therefore deployed in a nearby building with a heated sampling line hooked up to the exhaust of a flue. The normally intermittent ex- haust was changed to a constant low flow midway through the weeklong sampling period.

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  • Organisms subject to changing environmental conditions or experimental protocols show complex patterns of responses. The design principles behind these patterns are still poorly understood. Here, modular metabolic control analysis is developed to deal with large changes in branched pathways.

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  • Hence, all else equal, one could expect global retail banks to have a preference for subsidiarization, while global universal banks for branching. 11 The subsidiary structure may work well for retail banks, as it may benefit from a local management team that is fully accountable for the performance of an affiliate focused on local retail operations. There is a benefit to a management team that has a deep understanding of the local market and a greater ability to obtain local funding.

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  • In a separate celebration, KEMRI’s Kilifi branch organized an event where the town’s residents participated in song and dance to emphasize the importance of vaccines, good nutrition and a clean environment as essential elements in the fight against pneumonia. Event participants were encouraged to immunize their children against the leading causes of pneumonia and were also offered free, on-site health care services including check-ups, immunization and antibiotic treatment.

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  • The consultations of May 29 enabled the different constituencies—social funds’ directors, NGO representatives, municipal representatives, and international development agencies officials— to discuss the initial outcomes of the workshop, to elaborate upon common strategies for the promotion and improvement of social funds, and to arrive at recommendations that were then presented at the final plenary session.

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  • The chapter has several objectives: To give a brief history of the Internet; To give the definition of the two often-used terms in the discussion of the Internet: protocol and standard; To categorize standard organizations involved in the Internet and give a brief discussion of each; To define Internet Standards and explain the mechanism through which these standards are developed; to discuss the Internet administration and give a brief description of each branch.

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  • Is a branch of polymer science dealing with analysis and characterisation of polymers. üThe complication of macromolecular chains, the dispersion in molecular weight, tacticity, crystallinity, orientation, composition of polymers etc. and complex morphological systems ⇒ analysis of polymer ≠ the small organic materials ⇒ Focus on viscoelastic properties, dynamic mechanical testing.

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