Break-even point

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  • Upon completion of this chapter you should understand: Calculating linear breakeven points; calculating nonlinear breakeven points; effect of changes in costs and revenue; strategies associated with capacity limits, expansion and profits; isocosts and breakeven between products;...

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  • 524 Long Butterfly Strategy: Buy lower strike option, sell 2 higher strike options, and buy a higher strike option with the same expiration date (all calls or all puts). Market Opportunity: Look for a range-bound market that is expected to stay between the breakeven points. Maximum Risk: Limited to the net debit paid. THE OPTIONS COURSE FIGURE C.22 Long Butterfly Spread Maximum Profit: Limited. (Difference between strikes – net debit) × 100. Profit exists between breakevens. Upside Breakeven: Highest strike – net debit. Downside Breakeven: Lowest strike + net debit.

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  • When companies calculate their breakeven points, they often come at it from the perspective of how much revenue they require to cover their expenses: “If we don’t sell $2 million worth of widgets this year, we’ll face a shortfall and we’ll need to downsize.” Similarly, a hedge fund manager may ask: “What level of assets and performance do I need to cover my expenses?” However, the hedge fund business model allows for a different approach.

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  • Chapter 11: Pricing products and services. When you finish this chapter, you should: Describe the nature and importance of pricing and the approaches used to select an approximate price level; explain what a demand curve is and the role of revenues in pricing decisions; explain the role of costs in pricing decisions and describe how various combinations of price, fixed cost, and unit variable cost affect a firm’s breakeven point.

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