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  • This Sourcebook presents guidelines for improving the appearance of short- to medium-span bridges (those with spans up to about 300 feet). These structures constitute the great majority of bridges and are often referred to as “workhorse” bridges. The Sourcebook begins by explaining why it is necessary for engineers to consider bridge aesthetics. It then provides practical, easy-to-apply ideas for design engineers to use in developing elegant designs for the typical bridges on which they work every day.

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  • At a recent meeting of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry a survey questioned whether aesthetic treatment methods were ethical. The situation typical for that time was used as basis for the survey: "Let's assume that the patient is completely healthy and there are no biological or physical reasons for a therapeutic intervention.

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  • Sometimes it is best not to begin at the beginning. The question ‘‘What is art?’’ might seem to be the obvious starting point for the philosophy of art. Surely, one might think, an inquiry into the nature of art should take the question ‘‘What is art?’’ to be central and therefore ask that question first. After all, if we want to know what art is, what else should we ask?

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  • Conceptual Bridge Design 1.1 1.2 Introduction Preliminary Design Introduction • General Considerations for the Design of Bridge Schemes • Theoretical Basic Method of Preliminary Design • Choice of Final Alternative for Reinforced–Concrete Bridges 1.

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  • Towers Introduction Functions Aesthetics Concept Design Materials • Forms and Shapes • Erection Final Design Design Loads • Design Considerations 28.6 28.7 Construction Summary 28.1 Introduction Towers are the most visible structural elements of long-span bridges. They project above the superstructure and are seen from all directions by viewers and by users. Towers give bridges their character and a unifying theme. They project a mnemonic image that people remember as a lasting impression of the bridge itself.

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  • Seismic Retrofit Practice 40.1 40.2 James Roberts California Department of Transportation 40 Introduction Identification and Prioritization Hazard • Structural Vulnerability • Risk Analysis 40.3 40.4 Performance Criteria Retrofit Design Conceptual Design • Retrofit Strategies • Analysis • Aesthetics Brian Maroney California Department of Transportation 40.5 40.6 40.7 Construction Costs Summary 40.

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  • The American Indians repeatedly warned John Wesley Powell against his first trip through the Grand Canyon. The canyon once contained a trail made by the god Tavwoats for a mourning chief to go to see his wife in a heaven to the West. Then the god filled up the trail with a river and forbade anyone to go there. Powell would draw Tavwoats' wrath. 2 But Powell saw the canyon geologically. He too experienced awe, but of the erosional forces of time and the river flowing. He went on to direct the US Geological Survey, and, interestingly, to head the US...

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  • Several views on aesthetic preference have been developed during the last century, including Psychoanalysis, Gestalt theory and Empirical Aesthetics. Within the last of these, aesthetic preference has been related with arousal (Berlyne, 1970, 1971), prototypicality (Martindale, 1988; Martindale et al., 1988), and appraisals (Silvia, 2005), among other factors. Potentially, any of these perspectives could serve to ground our interpretation of neuroimaging results.

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