Bridge crane

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  • Some commonly used English words on the machines for engineers and employees on the job .. as used in non-public school, factory

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  • Damage are reviewed for design solutions at 400 gal or more, which was originally Construction costs have become minimal. In the design solution from 400 to 800 girls and girls, increase the objective function, the collapse in the direction perpendicular occur with a crane seismic forces 50 to 150 girls stronger than seismic forces used for design, while the fall in the direction of bridge axis with an earthquake occurs 100 to 200 girls forced stronger.

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  • Metals come from under the ground. Most metals are found in rocks, which are drilled out and crushed.The rocks are heated to make the metal melt. When the metal cools, it turns into a solid block.There are many different types of metal. Very strong metals are used to make bridges, boats and cranes.

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