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  • • Modern technological networks are on a collision course with human organizations, both civilian and military: – conflicts arise in all stages: design, configuration, and operations – conflicts with regulatory and C2 constraints – competing financial and other incentives • Time is ripe to integrate economic thought into networking – current technology isolated from human goals and constraints – we must manage and design networks in their broader contexts Cleared for public release, distribution unlimited Network-centric Operations are at Risk • • • • Increasingly ...

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  • The Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings is a series of high-level proceedings volumes covering a broad range of subjects in Astrophysics, Astronomy, Cosmology, and Space Science. The contributors are distinguished specialists with international reputations in their fields of expertise. The subjects are placed in the broader context of related disciplines such as Engineering, Computer Science, Environmental Science, and Nuclear and Particle Physics.

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  • The United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995 established gender equality as a basic principle in development cooperation. Gender equality refers to equality of opportunity, rights, distribution of resources and benefits, responsibilities for women and men in private and public life and in the value accorded to male and female characteristics. Promotion of gender equality is not only concerned with women’s issues, but also covers broader actions to be taken by both women and men.

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  • In the last two decades, Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) have emerged as a new interface type that interlinks the digital and physical worlds. Drawing upon users’ knowledge and skills of interaction with the real non-digital world, TUIs show a potential to enhance the way in which people interact with and leverage digital information.

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  • The questions posed in the task for this study are part of a very broad and important set of issues for the Department of Defense. To answer them required the Committee on Critical Technology Accessibility to develop its own perspective about the context within which the questions could be placed. As a result, this report provides judgments and recommendations about both the specific questions and the broader context. I wish to express my appreciation to the members of the committee for their contributions to the preparation of this report.

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  • This book is an introduction to the exciting new field of ecological genomics, for use in MSc courses and by those beginning their PhD studies. When we became involved in a national research programme on ecological genomics, or ecogenomics as it became known, we realized that information on this newly emerging subject needed to be brought together. In order to start up a research programme in such a new discipline, not only the students, but also we as teachers, had to get to grips with the subject.

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  • There are several other terms that we will be referring to during discussion, but for now these will suffice. In distance education, for example, there are management issues, there are matters concerning the support of learners, identification and development of courses and programmes. There are also issues of quality assurance of programmes as well as issues of either adapting or adopting programmes offered by one institution. This involves contextualisation and broader consultation. Added to that, there are communication and technology issues as well.

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  • Analysing the extent and severity of HIV/AIDS among educators without looking at the broader context within which schools operate, provides only a partial understanding of the immense challenges facing the education sector in South Africa. This study examines material issues affecting the quality of teaching and learning in our schools, both within and external to the classroom environment. The findings reveal significant disparities in conditions, both within and between provinces.

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  • The aim of the study was to analyse prostate cancer mortality and incidence among ethnic German migrants who came to Germany from the FSU after 1990. Additionally, we highlighted some general aspects of the Aussiedler's health profile to place prostate cancer incidence and mortality into a broader context. We analyzed two cohorts of migrants in terms of all cause mortality, overall cancer and prostate cancer mortality and incidence including longitudinal and age effects.

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  • However, one other factor that cannot be ignored within the framework of a long run analysis, a factor which is closely linked to institutional criteria, is the role of politics and political institutions. Douglass C. North and Mary M. Shirley have recently underlined the overwhelming influence of politics and political institutions as determinants of financial development. 10 Peter Gourevitch and James Shinn highlight that it is these factors, within the broader context of regulation, that are relevant for corporate governance.

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  • She commended the efforts and response by Africa through a focus on women and children’s health, and in particular maternal mortality through the CARMMA strategy which was agreed in the AU even before the Secretary General´s strategy was launched. The challenge, she reiterated, was in ensuring a continuum of care in each place where MNCH and PMTCT service were required; and her call was for ensuring that access to health workers at the frontline was given priority in the broader policies, strategies and plans for HRH in each country. She welcomed efforts such...

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  • Immediately after the first drafts of the human genome sequence were reported almost a decade ago, the importance of genomics and functional genomics studies became well recognized across the broad disciplines of biological sciences research.

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  • This study grew out of a request from the Technical Advisory Body for Fisheries Management (TAB) conveyed to us by Wolf Hartman of MRC. We are grateful for the opportunity the body has given us to think about fisheries in the Mekong basin in the context of local and broader ideas about the role for livelihoods approaches in fisheries management and for Wolf’s encouragement and support. Carrying out the research on which this document is based was supported by many people it also links closely with related work on livelihoods....

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  • Against this backdrop, and by way of providing valuable context for some of the more clinically oriented chapters in this book, our chapter considers some of the recent changes and emerging trends within the broader veterinary sector and the actual and potential impact of these on the veterinary business landscape.

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  • The patents company was declared to be an illegal restraint of trade and dissolved in 1915. It was soon replaced, however, by what was to become the Hollywood studio system, a vertically integrated operation in which the five major studios dominated the production, distribution and exhibition of features in the USA and much of the rest of the world. The studio system underwent substantial reorientation from the 1950s, in the face of further federal regulation and broader social change, but its dominance has remained largely in place.

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  • Studies about remittances have often focused on their wealth generating capacity through savings and investment (Adams, 1998), the factors influencing their flow (El -Sakka, 1999), and their effects on the recipient economies at the household level (Arif , 1999).

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  • This chapter proceeds from an ecological framework, which recognizes that multiple aspects of an adolescent's life may affect their reproductive health experiences, including a teen's family environment, their individual attitudes and behaviors, and peer attitudes and behaviors. In addition, the characteristics of a teen's community, including school context, neighborhood environment, and broader policies may affect reproductive health behaviors.

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  • Many risks that we face on a daily basis may be unavoidable, so there is an expectation by individuals that the level of risk is being managed and reduced to safe levels through evidence-based risk assessments and public health interventions. There has been a growing recognition that risks need to be viewed in their public health context to ensure that the most important risks are prioritized and addressed. Under a broader public health imperative, risk assessments are used as an important process to quantify the probability of harmful effects to individuals, sub-populations (eg.

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  • This book attempts two interrelated tasks. The fi rst is to arrive at an understanding of practical knowledge and how expertise is related to it. The second is to show how such an understanding informs the various educational tasks of developing expertise.

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  • The embedded approach ‘presents ethical issues within the context of some broader programme ‘concerning the meaning of professional or Fit for Practice. It is possible to teach ethics via the embedded approach without ever mentioning the words “ethical” or “moral”’. (2004, 38). A theoretical approach ‘means starting with a study of ethical theory; the concepts, principles and arguments that underpin the Codes of Practice ‘of the pragmatic or embedded approaches. (2004, 67).

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