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  • The concept of governance is not a new one but nowadays we hear words as corporate governance, organizational governance or good governance frequently. Actually corporate governance or, as defined in ISO FDIS 26000, organizational governance is the system by which an organization makes and implements decisions in pursuit of its objectives. Simply put “governance” means: the process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented (or not implemented).

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  • As the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has pointed out, it has become increasingly important to look beyond the traditional earnings and economic value effects and assess indirect interest rate effects as well. Taking a broader view of the potential earnings impact of changing interest rates, banks also need to take into consideration the growing share of (interest-sensitive) fee- based fi nancial services (loan servicing, asset securitization programs, pay- ments etc.).

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  • For the 50 industrial companies in the S&P index, the ratio of the total market capitalization to net earnings is 18.4. Aggregate earnings and this price-earnings ratio imply an estimate for the aggregate market capitalization of 1.62 times GNP. This is slightly higher than Sloan’s (1936) estimate, which was based on a broader subset of industrial companies.

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  • This lecture and the following present some technical details of the language to give a slightly broader view of C++’s basic facilities and to provide a more systematic view of those facilities. This also acts as a review of many of the notions presented so far, such as types, functions, and initialization, and provides an opportunity to explore our tool without adding new programming techniques or concepts.

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  • In the 31 chapters that have preceded this one, I’ve explored a process for software engineering that encompasses management procedures and technical methods, basic concepts and principles, specialized techniques, peopleoriented activities and tasks that are amenable to automation, paper-and-pencil notation, and software tools. In this concluding chapter I’ll take a broader view and consider where we’ve been and where we’re going from a more philosophical perspective.

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  • Chapter 13d - Python. Many authors view Python as an object-oriented language. However, your authors have the somewhat broader view that Python is a multiparadigrn language supporting the following programming styles: Imperative, object-oriented, functional. In this sense, Python is closer to C++ (which is also multiparadigm) than it is to Srnalltalk.

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  • Resembling a large-scale comprehensive building design, an encyclopedia necessitates the collaborative efforts of countless individuals and may take considerable time to complete. It seems long ago that Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers invited me to edit a two- volume encyclopedia about 20th-century architecture. In 1998, I was teaching the history of architecture in a landmark 1890s Richardsonian Romanesque building at Lake Forest College, a small liberal arts college north of Chicago.

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  • Recent research suggests that corporate governance reforms in the non- financial sector may not be appropriate for banks and other financial sector firms. 1 This is based on the view that no single corporate governance structure is appropriate for all industry sectors, and that the application of governance models to particular industry sectors should take account of the institutional dynamics of the specific industry.

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  • We view this increasing inverse correlation ofmotion and shot length as an amplifying effect. That is, short shots likely increase viewer response to films and film segments, forcing observer eye movements to quickly reevaluate each new visual depiction and increasing heart rate and other bodily responses (Carruthers and Taggart 1973). Addingmoremotion to these short shots is likely to increase viewer response all the more.We suggest that this increasing correlationmay help to couple attention to broader physiological responses.

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  • During the nineteenth century, which has already receded far enough into the perspective of the past for us to be able to take a comprehensive view of it, the advance guard of the human race found itself in a position entirely different from that ever before occupied by it. Through the knowledge of cosmic, animal, and social evolution gradually accumulated by the laborious and careful studies of special students in every department of historical research and scientific experiment, a broader and higher state of self-consciousness was attained.

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  • Although the results of many recent research impacts studies support the view that investments in agricultural research continue to generate attractive rates of return, some people are uncomfortable with the limitations of the economic framework. Their concern is understandable, because economic rate-of-returns analysis is, in some ways, poorly suited for evaluating an activity (agricultural research) whose primary outputs (technological innovations) are essentially a means of achieving broader welfare goals that cannot easily be measured, much less valued.

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  • The increased rates of obesity have become a public health concern because obesity is associated with chronic disease and adverse health outcomes (Institute of Medicine 2005). Furthermore, because obesity is now a characteristic of populations and not only of individuals, researchers, government health organizations, and advocacy groups characterize obesity as an epidemic (Institute of Medicine 2005, 2006a; World Health Organization 2003).

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  • Many risks that we face on a daily basis may be unavoidable, so there is an expectation by individuals that the level of risk is being managed and reduced to safe levels through evidence-based risk assessments and public health interventions. There has been a growing recognition that risks need to be viewed in their public health context to ensure that the most important risks are prioritized and addressed. Under a broader public health imperative, risk assessments are used as an important process to quantify the probability of harmful effects to individuals, sub-populations (eg.

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  • Lecture Political Ecology of Dr. Annuska Derks is about: Identifying broader system, viewing ecological systems as power-laden, taking an explicitly normative approach.

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  • This report is not a “how to guide.” It is a vehicle to present the initial work we have done toward the development of the “roadmap” previously discussed. Organizations looking for assistance in building or improving incident management capabilities should look to our other publications and available training as outlined at our main web site for CSIRT Development, Much of our initial work to date has been within the CSIRT community. This report, although applicable to broader incident management processes, is written from a CSIRT perspective.

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