Broken markets

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  • During the Bush II administration, I became concerned about changes in the rules on short selling. Along with Republican Senator Johnny Isaakson, I wrote to SEC Chair Mary Schapiro, asking her to follow up on her confirmation hearing pledge to look into reinstat-ing the “uptick rule,” which had been removed in what former SEC Chair Chris Cox admitted had been a mistake. Short sellers play an important role in maintaining an orderly market. But there also are predatory bears. If not policed, they could have a devastating effect by creating a never-ending, negative feedback loop.

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  • The ability of individuals to access information has never been greater thanks to the internet. In the case of the Financial Market Meltdown of 2008, this has been less than helpful for the intelligent lay reader who just wants to make sense of what has happened and where things might go. A Google search for “financial crisis” yields about 24,000,000 entries, and the crisis has spawned many hundreds of books by journalists, academics, and others.

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  • 1. Submit URL : bước đầu tiên cần phải làm là gửi URL website của bạn lên Google cũng như các bộ máy tìm kiếm khác. 2. Google webmaster: sử dụng Goolge webmaster tools. Nó giúp bạn theo dõi và bổ trợ phát triển website hiệu quả hơn. 3. Xóa bỏ các links hỏng: Nếu bạn đang dùng một blog bằng Wordpress, bạn có thể sử dụng Broken link checker Plugin hoặc cũng có thể sử dụng Google webmaster. Việc hủy các link hỏng sẽ giúp bạn rất nhiều....

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  • In the EU, investment funds can be broadly categorised as UCITS (undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities) and non-UCITS (or non-harmonised) funds. 1 UCITS funds are those that comply with harmonised rules as laid down in the UCITS Directive (85/611/EEC) and are authorised for sale to the retail market. Non-harmonised funds (hereafter referred to collectively as alternative investment funds, or AIF) do not form a homogenous class of investment fund. 2 AIF invest in a wide variety of asset types and employ very different investment strategies.

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  • The marketing funnel is a broken metaphor that overlooks the complexity social media introduces into the buying process. As consumers’ trust in traditional media diminishes, marketers need a new approach. We propose a new metric, engagement, that includes four components: involvement, interaction, intimacy, and influence. Each of these is built from data collected from online and offline data sources.

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  • The process of bank deleveraging is expected to increase in 2012 with a pipeline of opportunities, such as large loan portfolios, continuing to materialize. With bank capital structures supported through unconventional means, it may require a further uncontrolled external shock to significantly accelerate the deleveraging process. Opportunities for investors will, however, continue to emerge with capital strategy expected to be a key driver of an increase in transaction activity.

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  • The following is a primer for understanding some basic facts about small businesses’ role in employment and the data that are available to form opinions and develop hypotheses. The paper is broken into sections discussing the static view of the labor market, the dynamic view, current events, and concluding remarks. The static view illustrates small and large firm shares of the job market; these are essentially snapshots in time. The dynamic view tracks how firms got from point A to point B, and what happened to jobs along the way. For instance, the static view shows...

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  • The Overseas Development Institute has also looked at such risk mitigation mechanisms. 23 In addition to the above, they highlight the use of pledge funds, whereby by public finance sponsors provide a small amount of equity to encourage larger pledges from private investors 24 .

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