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  • This volume is the third to be published of a series on "The World's Living Religions," projected in 1920 by the Board of Missionary Preparation of the Foreign Missions Conference of North America. The series seeks Buddhism is a religion which must be viewed from many angles. Its original form, as preached by Gautama in India and developed in the early years succeeding, and as embodied in the sacred literature of early Buddhism, is not representative of the actual Buddhism of any land today.

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  • Eckhart Tolle is emerging as one of today's most inspiring teachers. In The Power of Now , already a word-of-mouth bestseller in Canada, the author describes his transition from despair to self-realization soon after his 29th birthday. Tolle took another ten years to understand this transformation, during which time he evolved a philosophy that has parallels in Buddhism, relaxation techniques, and meditation theory but is also eminently practical.

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  • Enthusiasm for the ways and ideas of ancient China and India, especially for Buddhism, Taoism, and Yoga, has flourished in the West since Carl Gustav Jung was first drawn to the East in the early decades of the century. Western fascination with the ways of the East has indeed been growing ever since Jesuit missionaries first went to Asia in the sixteenth century, and the love affair with the East, which has been such a remarkable feature of the cultural life of our century, would certainly have occurred without Jung’s help.

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  • The present work was begun in 1907 and was practically complete when the war broke out, but many circumstances such as the difficulty of returning home, unavoidable delays in printing and correcting proofs, and political duties have deferred its publication until now. In the interval many important books dealing with Hinduism and Buddhism have appeared, but having been resident in the Far East (with one brief exception) since 1912 I have found it exceedingly difficult to keep in touch with recent literature.

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  • In Search of Consistency: Ethics and AnimalsBrill Academic, 2006At the intersection of animal rights, environmental ethics, and religious studies, In Search of Consistency systematically examines the work of influential scholars Tom Regan (animal rights), Peter Singer (utilitarian ethics), Andrew Linzey (theologian), and Paul Taylor (environmental ethics), then explores ethics and animals across six world religions (Indigenous faiths, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam).

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  • This book is an expression of gratitude for my incredible good for- tune to be immersed in the world of projects while meeting the teachings of the wisdom traditions of Yoga, Taoism, Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism. From these teachings and their application in complex organizations performing complex projects, I am better able to under- stand the essence of the many attempts to express the nature of our shared experience. I wish to thank first my wife Linda, a fellow traveler and the loving mirror who helps me to see myself as I am and as I can be. Thanks...

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  • It is hard to know how to begin to give thanks when thanks are due so many. I have been fortunate to study with Joanna Williams, a model of erudi- tion, kindness, and patience. She took the risk of accepting a graduate student who knew next to nothing about art history or Southeast Asia, and has con- tinued to encourage and support me over the years. I would like to thank my teachers and academic advisers at Berkeley, including Amin Sweeney, Lewis Lancaster, Patricia Berger, Jefrey Hadler, and Ninik Lunde. I also appreciate the thoughts and comments of Nancy Tingley, Robert L....

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  • Pantheism differs from the systems of belief constituting the main religions of the world in being comparatively free from any limits of period, climate, or race. For while what we roughly call the Egyptian Religion, the Vedic Religion, the Greek Religion, Buddhism, and others of similar fame have been necessarily local and temporary, Pantheism has been, for the most part, a dimly discerned background, an esoteric significance of many or all religions, rather than a “denomination” by itself.

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  • Human reason is called upon to consider certain questions, which it cannot decline, as they are presented by its own nature, but which it cannot answer. These questions relate to God, freedom of the will, and immortality. And the name for the subject which has to deal with these questions is metaphysics. At one time metaphysics was regarded as the queen of all the sciences, and the importance of its aim justified the title. At first the subject, propounding as it did a dogmatic system, exercised a despotic sway. But its subsequent failure brought it into disrepute.

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  • – WORLD HISTORY – RELIGION ORIGIN CHARACTERISTICS  Hinduism India in 1500 B.C. Hinduism has no single founder; it developed over a period of 4,000 years. One of its main features is a caste system, in which people are born into a prescribed class and follow the ways of that class. They are polytheistic. It was founded by Siddhartha Gautama, called the Buddha. Buddhists believe in a cycle of rebirth. The ultimate goal of the Buddhist path is to achieve nirvana, an enlightened state free from suffering.

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