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  • Metabolic acidoses, with the exception of those due to the accumulation of organic anions, can be associated with mild hyperkalemia resulting from intracellular buffering of H+ (see above). Insulin deficiency and hypertonicity (e.g., hyperglycemia) promote K+ shift from the ICF to the ECF. The severity of exercise-induced hyperkalemia is related to the degree of exertion. It is due to release of K+ from muscles and is usually rapidly reversible, often associated with rebound hypokalemia.

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  • Non-point source controls washed off fields is the largest source of agricultural pollution in the United States. Farmers may utilize to reduce runoff flows and retain soil on their fields. Common techniques include contour plowing, crop mulching, crop rotation, planting perennial crops and installing riparian buffers. Nutrients nitrogen and phosphorus are typically applied to farmland as commercial fertilizer; animal manure; or spraying of municipal or industrial waste water (effluent) or sludge.

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  • This book is a revised edition of the Manual of basic techniques for a health laboratory (WHO, 1980), major revisions having been carried out by Dr K. Engbaek, Dr C.C. Heuck and Mr A.H. Moody. The revision was necessary because of new procedures and technology that have been developed since the previous edition and that have proved to be useful to small laboratories in developing countries. The procedures have been included in the relevant sections of the manual, and some obsolete procedures have been replaced by more up-to-date techniques....

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  • Before sending data across the network, Oracle Net buffers and encapsulates data into the session data unit (SDU). Oracle Net sends the data stored in this buffer when the buffer is full, flushed, or when database server tries to read data. When large amounts of data are being transmitted or when the message size is consistent, adjusting the size of the SDU buffers can improve performance, network utilization, or memory consumption. You can deploy SDU at the client, the application Web server, and the database server....

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  • Stormwater runoff reduces water clarity and lowers the value of lakeside properties. Florida Friendly landscaping helps reduce stormwater from entering the lake by helping it soak into the ground, preventing damage to lake water quality and loss of property value. Examples of improvements HOAs might find they need are: mulching a pathway, planting ground covers, establishing a buffer zone of shrubs and other plants along the shore of their retention pond, diverting stormwater water away from a driveway or building, and pumping the septic system regularly.

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  • The main problems encountered with legal frameworks are that they are too weak or conflicting. Country experiences range from Albania, which would like to move towards the EU Water Framework Directive but currently has a legal system that has little in common with the EU; to Peru and Samoa, where national laws can conflict with traditional practices and customs. The main problems encountered with strategic planning, national policies, transboundary agreements and integrated water resources plans, are that they are non-existent or inadequate.

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  • This chapter describes the structure of the water molecule and explores the many ways that polar covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds among water molecules affect organisms and their interactions with their environments. In addition, this chapter discusses topics including concentrations of solutions, hydrogen ion concentration (pH), and buffer solutions.

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  • Figure 4-43. Adsorption isotherms of alkylsulfates on Hypersil-ODS from methanol/water (20/80) with 0.02 M phosphate buffer at pH 6.0. (Reprinted from reference 119, with permission.) Figure 4-44. Capacity factor of tyrosinamide versus concentrations of dodecyl sulfate (upper curve), decyl sulfate (middle curve), and octyl sulfate (lower curve). (Reprinted from reference 119, with permission.)

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  • Features • Dry cable core • Available in singlemode, 50μm and 62.

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  • Rehydration consists not only of the ingestion of water but also of its absorption and distribution throughout the body tissues. Because of large buffering capacity of their alimentary tract, ruminants are able to drink large quantities of water in a very short time after a period of privation. Animals without this capacity are rarely able to take all their requirements in one short session, mainly due to the problems associated with haemolysis. Some non-ruminants are, however, capable of rapid drinking, including dogs and donkeys.

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  • Organic crops must be protected from potential contamination by adjoining conventional farms, as well as from non-organic fields in split operations. The drift and run-off of prohibited substances, as well as the pollen drift from GMO varieties, can compromise the farm’s organic certification status. The certifying agency can require water, soil, and plant testing in cases where contamination is suspected.

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  • Tar-Pamlico River Basin, North Carolina. The state established a total, allowable discharge level for the basin. The state approved a strategy whereby an sssociation of sewage treatment plants can meet this level either by making modifications to their facilities and/or by making a monetary contribution to a voluntary state program that helps farmers reduce nonpoint source pollution. Contributions to this program will begin in September 1992. Fox River, Wisconsin. In 1981 the state of Wisconsin initiated...

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  • Carbon dioxide is produced in several anthropogenic activities at a rate of ca. 35 Gt/y. The main sources are: (1) the combustion of fossil carbon (production of electric energy, transport, heating, industry), (2) the utilization of biomass (combustion to obtain energy, fermentation), and (3) the decomposition of natural carbonates (mainly in the steel and cement industry).

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  • In the recharge area, oxidising conditions occur and dissolution of calcium and bicarbonate dominates. As the water continues to move down dip, further modifications are at first limited. By observing the redox potential (Eh) of abstracted groundwater, a sharp redox barrier was detected beyond the edge of the confining layer, corresponding to the complete exhaustion of dissolved oxygen. Bicarbonate increases and the pH rises until buffering occurs at about 8.3.

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  • Generation of heating water. Cogeneration systems capture excess heat from the engine, which can be used to generate heating water that can then be utilized by local or district heating systems to cover their basic heat requirements. Peak heat demand can be covered through the combined use of a buffer and a peak boiler. Due to varying heat demands during the year, multi-engine- installations are the preferred solution for district heating systems. Steam production and drying processes.

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  • To investigate how solubility and steric issues affect the laccase-catalysedoxidationof phenols, a series of oligomeric polyphenol compounds, having increasing size and decreasing solubility in water, was incubated with laccase. The extent of substrate conversion, and the nature of the products formed in buffered aqueous solutions, were com-pared to those obtained in the presence of an organic cosolvent, and also in the presence of twomediating species, i.e. N-hydroxyphthalimide (HPI) and 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-piperidin-1-yloxy (TEMPO). ...

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