Bus cycle

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  • During the early years of microprocessors, there were few engineers with education and experience in the applications of microprocessor technology. Now that microprocessors and microcontrollers have become pervasive in so many devices, the ability to use them has become almost a requirement for many technical people.

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  • Là chân output cho phép chốt địa chỉ để giải đa hợp (de-multiplexing) bus dữ liệu và bus địa chỉ ALE xuất tín hiệu để chốt địa chỉ (byte thấp địa chỉ 16-bit) vào 1 thanh ghi ngoài trong suốt nửa đầu của chu kỳ bộ nhớ (memory cycle). Trong nửa chu kỳ bộ nhớ còn lại, P0 sẽ xuất/nhập dữ liệu

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  • Chapter 4 - Hardware: The CPU & storage. In this chapter you will learn: Microchips, miniaturization, & mobility; representing data electronically; inside the system unit: power supply, motherboard, & microprocessors; the central processing unit & the machine cycle; memory; expansion cards, bus lines, & ports; secondary storage, future developments in processing & storage.

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