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  • We begin our study of business in this chapter by examining the fundamentals of business and economics. First, we introduce the nature of business, including its goals, activities, and participants. Next, we describe the basics of economics and apply them to the United States economy. Finally, we establish a framework for studying business in this text.

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  • Lecture Basic statistics for business and economics - Chapter 1: What is statistics?. When you have completed this chapter, you will be able to: List ways that statistics is used, know the differences between descriptive and inferential statistics, understand the differences between a sample and a population, explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative variables, compare the discrete and continuous variables, recognize the levels of measurement in data.

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  • Lecture Basic statistics for business and economics - Chapter 14: Multiple regression analysis. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Describe the relationship between several independent variables and a dependent variable using multiple regression analysis, develop and interpret an ANOVA table, compute and interpret measures of association in multiple regression,...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Statistics for business and economics" has contents: Using graphs to describe data, using numerical measures to describe data, discrete probability distributions, continuous probability distributions, distributions of sample statistics,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Statistics for business and economics" has contents: Analysis of variance, introduction to nonparametric statistics, additional topics in regression analysis, multiple variable regression analysis, two variable regression analysis,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Essentials of statistics for business and economics" has contents: Data and statistics; descriptive statistics - tabular and graphical presentations; descriptive statistics - numerical measures; introduction to probability; discrete probability distributions,...and other contents.

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  • This compendium aims at providing a comprehensive overview of the main topics that appear in any well-structured course sequence in statistics for business and economics at the undergraduate and MBA levels. The idea is to supplement either formal or informal statistic textbooks such as, e.g., “Basic Statistical Ideas for Managers” by D.K. Hildebrand and R.L. Ott and “The Practice of Business Statistics: Using Data for Decisions” by D.S. Moore, G.P. McCabe, W.M. Duckworth and S.L. Sclove, with a summary of theory as well as with a couple of extra examples.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'how to value your business and increase its potentialjay b. abrams, asa, cpa, mba', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Tham khảo sách 'how to value your business and increase its potentialjay b. abrams, asa, cpa, mba mc graw-hillnew', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Aside from the previously mentioned studies, there are several other reports that deal primarily with the job market success of university graduates in general (Accenture 2001; Fundación Universidad Empresa 2005; ANECA 2008), or of graduates of Business and Eco- nomics Faculties (Marín, 2008), and the relationship between university and the business world (Accenture and Universia 2007).

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  • Chapter 3 - Corporate social responsibility. Learning objectives of this chapter: Understanding the role of big business and its responsible use of corporate power in a democratic society, knowing when the idea of social responsibility originated and the phases through which it has developed, investigating how a company’s purpose or mission can integrate social objectives with economic objectives,...

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  • Chapter 10 - Ecology and sustainable development in global business. In this chapter, you learned to: Understanding how business and society interact within the natural environment; defining sustainable development; assessing the major threats to the earth’s ecosystem; recognizing the ways in which population growth, inequality, and economic development interact with the world’s ecological crisis;...

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Essentials of statistics for business and economics" has contents: Interval estimation, hypothesis tests, simple linear regression, multiple regression, comparisons involving proportions and a test of independence,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Applied statistics - In business and economics" has contents: Overview of statistics, data collection, describing data visually, descriptive statistics, probability, discrete probability distributions, discrete probability distributions, sampling distributions and estimation, one sample hypothesis test.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Applied statistics - In business and economics" has contents: Two-Sample hypothesis tests, analysis of variance, simple regression, multiple regression, time series analysis, nonparametric tests, quality management, simulation.

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  • Iam happy to present the second English edition of Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles. Its appearance is particularly timely, given that the severe financial crisis and resulting worldwide economic recession I have been forecasting, since the first edition of this book came out ten years ago, are now unleashing their fury.

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  • The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), established in 1990, is McKinsey & Company’s business and economics research arm. MGI’s mission is to help leaders in the commercial, public, and social sectors develop a deeper understanding of the evolution of the global economy and to provide a fact base that contributes to decision making on critical management and policy issues.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'how to value your business and increase its potentialjay b. abrams, asa, cpa, mbamcgraw-hillnew', kinh doanh - tiếp thị phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Nonetheless, due to the availability of the most of the data, these studies tend to be conducted within the developed markets and only minor studies have focused on the mutual funds in emerging markets. In addition, studies in the emerging markets still take the prevailing approach and concentrate on showing how fund managers perform, neglecting other relevant issues. Therefore, we still know too little about mutual fund investment in emerging markets and this impedes the development of this industry. ...

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  • Senator Edwards is not alone in observing a lack of accountability in America’s democracy. Indeed, both popular and academic media offer considerable support for this sentiment. The popular Cable News Network (CNN) criticized “government, big business, and special interest groups” for enriching themselves at the expense of the common electorate and characterized elected offices as “accountability free zones” while arguing that “our government no longer works for us.”2 Important scholars like John Matsusaka have added weight to this type of argument.

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