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  • The traditional view of the relationship between business and the arts is very much a one-way affair: organisations may endorse, fund or publicise the arts but the arts have nothing to offer from a business perspective. The Value of Arts for Business challenges this view by showing how the arts, in the form of Arts-based Initiatives (ABIs), can be used to enhance valuecreation capacity and boost business performance. The book introduces and explains three models that show how organisations can successfully implement and manage ABIs.

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  • In the aftermath of the 2008-09 global financial and economic crisis, businesses and firms today face a totally different landscape than their counterparts in the past decade or so.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'introducing ‘chuppies’ who they are and how they will change the consumer landscape forever', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • For small business, hotels, hospitality, landscape, nursery, etc. who need economical and instant two-way communications. Also a wireless intercom solution for large retailers, warehouses, etc.

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  • Power management is, literally and metaphorically, the hottest area in computing and computing appliances. In 1965, while working at Fairchild Semiconductor, Gordon Moore predicted that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit would double approximately every two years. Moore’s law, as his observation has been dubbed, has so far been the foundation of the business of per- sonal computing and its derivative applications.

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  • The scientific literature suggests that the best unit to assess ecosystems is the 'socio-ecological system (SES)' (Gallopin, 1991, Glaser, 2008). SES integrates ecosystem functions and dynamics as well as human activities and the interactions of all these. The SES is equivalent to the SNA's institutional unit. Considering the production of ecosystem services, and in particular provisioning services, SESs are more or less homogenous.

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  • The veterinary sector has witnessed considerable change in recent years, and this has had a significant impact on the wider veterinary business landscape. Most noteworthy, perhaps, has been the change at the global level in the focus of animal welfare, with a growth in small/companion animal care and a reduction in large animal work (Lowe, 2009). This has resulted in increased competition amongst veterinary practices and the recognition that veterinary services need to be appropriately marketed.

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  • Against this backdrop, and by way of providing valuable context for some of the more clinically oriented chapters in this book, our chapter considers some of the recent changes and emerging trends within the broader veterinary sector and the actual and potential impact of these on the veterinary business landscape.

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  • 2 Introduction rapidly changed as the situation dictates. This type of continuous application adaptation fits the constantly changing business landscape perfectly. IBM WebSphere sMash Development Process IBM WebSphere sMash has been developed using a community-driven commercial development process. This means that most of the development efforts are done in the open and are transparent to all parties through a community-based website. The community website hosts the IBM WebSphere sMash incubator project, Project Zero.

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  • The changes discussed above under the three headings of the agricultural sector, the gender shift and veterinary education have significant implications for the veterinary business landscape across the broader veterinary sector, impacting beyond the practice wing of the profession. As mentioned at the outset of this chapter, to date, robust academic attention has not been paid to the implications of changes in these areas. Such implications will now be discussed under the relevant headings below. ...

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  • Foreword Nitin Nohria Introduction: The State of Integrated Reporting Today Robert G. Eccles Part I: The Role of the Corporation in Society Accounting and Accountability:Integrated Reporting and the Purpose of the Firm Robert Kinloch Massie A CEO’s Letter to Her Board of Directors John Fullerton and Susan Arterian Chang Drivers of Corporate Sustainability and Implications for Capital Markets: An International Perspective Ioannis

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  • Media is at the very heart of society and business. As the economy inexorably shifts from the tangible to the intangible, media in its many forms is accounting for an ever-increasing proportion of value created. Over the last decade we have seen many new media emerge, many new ways not just to disseminate content in all its forms, but also to interact, invite contribution, build relationships, and engage in conversations.

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  • Buyers no longer buy the way they did ten, five and even two years ago. The sad truth is that most companies don’t realize this…yet. Changes in technology, distribution, and buyer behavior have shifted the landscape and created an opportunity for businesses to communicate directly with consumers. This eBook shares the reasons for this evolution. It details how you, as a marketing professional,

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  • Technologists have the ideas. Lawyers know the rules. But for business man- agers and investors, rules and ideas do not readily combine into a strategic vision. No longer is intellectual property (IP) just a necessary expense for large technology companies. Competing and succeding in today’s market- place requires an in-depth understanding of IP – its use as a weapon, as a shield, and as a monetizable asset.

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  • Piggy Bank allows the user to tag each information item with several keywords, thereby fitting it simultaneously into several organizational schemes. For example, a photograph can be tagged both as “sepia” and “portrait”, as it fits into both the “effect” organizational scheme (among “black & white,” “vivid,” etc.) and the “topic” scheme (among “landscape,” “still life,” etc.).

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  • The research evidence furthermore shows that social media offer specific opportunities for the four strategic challenges of European Education and Training policies in the years leading up to 2020 (European Commission, 2008g) and can thus contribute to modernising Education and Training in Europe. Enhancing innovation and creativity: Social media support more engaging and playful approaches, provide new formats for creative expression, and encourage learners and teachers to experiment with different, innovative, ways of articulating their thoughts and ideas. The Learning 2.

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  • The business benefits compelling enterprises to assess and deploy IP telephony solutions are many.While many of the cost savings benefits still apply with reduced costs for moves, adds and changes (MACs), infrastructure consolidation, and international toll bypass, perhaps more compelling are the new applications now available.“Click to dial,”“follow-me,” unified messaging, and customized XML applications running on IP phones can change the way organizations function to gain advantage in the increasingly competitive business landscape....

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  • Small movement matters Moneyball and marketing New performance indicators Going deep Keeping better score The funnel is dead! Traditional marketing approaches fall short in the new customer landscape How the new customer narrative works Faster Horses A new marketing landscape Content is not messaging and is more than copy The digital customer narrative How digital customer behaviour is changing brand management How building communities changes

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  • Americans have always loved risk-takers, the man or woman with ambition and vision who goes for broke. “Boldness of enterprise is the foremost cause of its rapid progress, its strength and its greatness,” Tocqueville wrote as he surveyed the nation’s business landscape well over a century ago. Although American business and financial life reminded this French observer of “a vast lottery,” he marveled at the extent to which Americans “encourage and do honor to boldness in commercial speculations.”...

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  • The former is most simply described as a black animal with a white chest, the latter as a black animal with a white flash on its flank. Black-and-white configurations provide strong contrasts.

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