Bypass capacitors

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  • DO NOT have vias between bypass caps and active device – Visualize the high frequency current flow !!! • Ensure Bypass caps are on same layer as active component for best results. • Route vias into the bypass caps and then into the active component. • The more vias the better. • The wider the traces the better. • The closer the bette

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  • • Ac current gain = độ lợi dòng ac • Ac emitter resistance = điện trở ac ở cực phát • Ac equivalent circuit = mạch tương đương ac • Base-biased amplifier = mạch khuếch đại được phân cực nền ề • Bypass capacitor = tụ vòng qua, rẽ mạch, bỏ qua • CB amplifier= mạch KĐ B chung p ạ g • CC amplifier= mạch KĐ C chung Từ Vựng (2) • • • • • • CE amplifier= mạch KĐ E chung Coupling capacitor = tụ ghép DC current gain = độ lợi dò DC t i l i dòng...

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  • The increasing percentage of digital designers and digital layout experts in the engineering population reflects the directions that our industry is headed. Although the emphasis on digital design is providing significant advances in electronics end products, there is still and will always be a portion of circuit design that interfaces with the analog or real world. There is some similarity in layout strategies between these two domains, but the differences can make an easy circuit layout design less than optimum when trying to achieve good results.

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