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  • The question of whether an automobile accident victim should be allowed to bring a claim for punitive damages for unfair settlement practices against another person's liability insurer — a so-called third-party, bad faith suit — has become an important policy concern.This book examines the compensation that automobile insurers paid to accident victims in California during a period, 197......

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  • There is a strong relationship between health insurance coverage and access to medical services. Health insurance makes a substantial difference in the amount and kind of health care people are able to afford, as well as where they obtain care. Research has consistently shown that the lack of insurance ultimately compromises persons’ health because they are less likely to receive preventive care, are more likely to be hospitalized for avoidable health problems, and are more likely to be diagnosed in the late stages of disease.

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  • Insurance companies provided Massachusetts in the filing address in 103 of the 173 instances where the subject address was listed as New York. For these same 173 instances, 37 filers noted New York as their filing location. Filers located in Califor- nia identified New York as the subjects’ state in 53 of the 148 instances, followed by Iowa (25), and then Massachusetts (15). Only one California filer listed its own state as the filer and subject address location.

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  • e Affordable Care Act (ACA) will significantly expand access to affordable health coverage in California starting in 2014. Californians with the lowest incomes will have access to coverage under the expansion of Medi-Cal, while millions of low- and middle-income families will be eligible for subsidies through the California Health Benefit Exchange (the Exchange). Demand for health insurance in the state will also increase as a result of the minimum coverage requirement.

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  • Whatever of effort has been given in the pleasant pastime of writing these rambling and sketchy pages of reminiscences is dedicated to those who in the hours of trial and tribulation felt with Sir Philip Sidney, "Honor is the idol of man's mind" and determined to do that which honor demanded knowing that if they lost their honor they lost their all.

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  • e California Simulation of Insurance Markets (CalSIM) model is designed to estimate the impact of various elements of the ACA on employer decisions to offer insurance coverage and individual decisions to obtain coverage in California.

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  • ADC’s LCF Optical Cable® closet distribution riser cables are easy to terminate and provide exceptional mechanical and optical performance. Cables are available with diameters from 1.6 mm to 2.9 mm. All materials have been carefully selected to meet the latest industry requirements including UL listing for installation in riser applications.

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  • Another critical barrier to access is discrimination by state laws or fertility clinics. Coverage in five of the states with insurance mandates 12 is only available to married couples, and four of these states 13 mandate use of the husband’s sperm, eliminating the possibility of donor sperm. Some fertility clinics only offer services to married couples as well. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine reports that fertility clinics vary in their willingness to treat single women, single men, lesbian couples, and gay male couples.

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