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  • Network security can provide five services. Four of these services are related to the message exchanged using the network. The fifth service provides entity authentication or identification.

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  • Charging for Network Security Based on Long-Run Incremental Cost Pricing Pricing for the use of the networks is essential in the way that it should be able to reflect the costs benefits imposed on a network when connecting a new generator or demand and to provide forward-looking message to influence the site and size of future network customers. Studies have been extensively carried out over the years to achieve this pricing goal. Few methodologies can directly link nodal generation/demand increment to network long-run marginal/incremental costs.

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  • This book was written to give the reader a well-rounded understanding of wireless network security. It looks at wireless from multiple perspectives, ranging from auditor, to security architect, to hacker. This wide scope benefits anyone who has to administer, secure, hack, or participate on a wireless network. Going through this book, the reader will see that it tackles the risk of wireless from many angles. It goes from a policy level to mitigate certain risks that wireless brings. It talks about the most cost-effective solutions to deploy wireless across a large enterprise.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'security log management', công nghệ thông tin, an ninh - bảo mật phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Security has become a major concern for every network administrator. Nearly every day we are bombarded with news articles describing yet another high-profile company that has fallen prey to a network-based attack. To fill in the occasional gap, we hear about new viruses that have been found “in the wild” or about additional software vulnerabilities that someone has figured out how to exploit for personal gain. The network security field has not always been this crazy. Most of us can remember a time when securing a network environment was a far easier task.

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  • Tại sao lại cần nghiên cứu về ATTT, Tầm quan trọng của thông tin...

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  • The purpose of this book is to answer those questions, from the point of view of people who want to use Java, but want to do so reliably, securely and safely. That makes this book different from much recent writing on Java, which focuses, perfectly legitimately, on how a Java system can be broken into and how to avoid those dangers. On the contrary, this book focuses on how Java can be made secure and how to exploit its strengths. The goal is to provide practical help to the various groups involved in making a Java-based application or Web site into an industrial-strength commercial proposit.

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  • The OpenSSL library is seeing widespread adoption for web sites that require cryptographic functions to protect a broad range of sensitive information, such as credit card numbers and other financial transactions. The library is the only free, full-featured SSL implementation for C and C++, and it can be used programmatically or from the command line to secure most TCP-based network protocols.

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  • Tùy chỉnh cho khóa học Chọn chuẩn định dạng cho khóa học và các thông tin cần thiết.  Ở mục Ghi danh Ta cũng có thể điều chỉnh phương thức ghi danh khóa học. Cho học viên tự đăng kí hoặc buộc người quản trị/giáo viên phải tự thêm vào.

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  • Computer Network Security: Theory and Practice introduces to the reader a complete and concise view of network security. It provides in-depth theoretical coverage of recent advancements and practical solutions to network security threats. This book can be used for a one-semester network security course for graduate and upper-level undergraduate students, as well as a reference for IT professionals.

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  • Attackers can infect your computer with malicious software, or malware, in many different ways. They can take advantage of unsafe user practices and flaws in your computer’s programs (flaws including vulnerabilities and unsecured services and features) and use social engineering (in which an attacker convinces someone to perform an action such as opening a malicious email attachment or following a malicious link). Once your computer is infected, intruders can use the malware to access your computer without your knowledge to perform unwanted actions.

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  • After studying chapter 4 you should be able to: Describe the basic IEEE 802.11 wireless security protections; define the vulnerabilities of open system authentication, WEP, and device authentication; describe the WPA and WPA2 personal security models; explain how enterprises can implement wireless security.

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  • After the installation of Outpost Network Security is complete, you can configure the centralized automatic updates so when Outpost Network Security Client is installed on user workstations all available updates will be immediately applied so your network and each workstation always has the strongest and latest security. Centralized updates decrease network traffic. Agnitum Update Service provides automatic download and installation of each available update on all computers in your network.

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  • Radio based communication, open air The attacker, having a radio transmitter and receiver with the same radio frequency of the underlying wireless network, can easily: Intercept wireless data Connect his computing devices to a nearby wireless network Inject new packets to an existing wireless network Jam a particular wireless channel using a jamming device Security measures Implement encryption algorithms, authentication algorithms, and integrity-check algorithms at the data-link layer Provide network access with wired equivalent privacy Higher-layer protocols and applications can be used ...

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  • The Devil said to Daniel Webster: "Set me a task I can't carry out, and I'll give you anything in the world you ask for." Daniel Webster: "Fair enough. Prove that for n greater than 2, the equation an + bn = cn has no non-trivial solution in the integers." They agreed on a three-day period for the labor, and the Devil disappeared. At the end of three days, the Devil presented himself, haggard, jumpy, biting his lip. Daniel Webster said to him, "Well, how did you do at my task? Did you prove the theorem?' "Eh? No . . . no, I haven't...

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  • Chapter 31 - Network security. In this chapter, we first introduce the security services we typically expect in a network. We then show how these services can be provided using cryptography. At the end of the chapter, we also touch on the issue of distributing symmetric and asymmetric keys.

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  • Lecture 5: Finite fields (Part 2: Modular arithmetic theoretical underpinnings of modern cryptography). This chapter include objectives: To review modular arithmetic, to present Euclid’s GCD algorithms, to present the prime finite field Zp, to show how Euclid’s GCD algorithm can be extended to find multiplicative inverses, Perl and Python implementations for calculating GCD and multiplicative inverses.

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  • Lecture 7: Finite fields (Part 4: Finite fields of the form GF(2n ) - Theoretical underpinnings of modern cryptography). The goals of this chapter are: To review finite fields of the form GF(2n), to show how arithmetic operations can be carried out by directly operating on the bit patterns for the elements of GF(2n), Perl and Python implementations for arithmetic in a Galois Field using my BitVector modules.

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  • Lecture 9: Using block and stream ciphers for secure wired and wifi communications. The goals of this chapter are: To present 2DES and its vulnerability to the meet-in-the-middle attack, to present two-key 3DES and three-key 3DES, to present the five different modes in which a block cipher can be used in practical systems for secure communications,...

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  • Lecture 12: Public-key cryptography and the RSA algorithm. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: To review public-key cryptography, to demonstrate that confidentiality and sender-authentication can be achieved simultaneously with public-key cryptography, to review the RSA algorithm for public-key cryptography,...

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