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  • In hình khiên Captain America trên áo với mẹo siêu hay Chẳng cần bạn phải có hoa tay mà vẫn có thể làm được đẹp ơi là đẹp luôn! Chuẩn bị những đạo cụ này nhé: - Chiếc áo T-shirt màu trắng - Màu nhuộm vải: xanh, đỏ - Sơn trắng - Kéo, bút chì, giấy Đến phần hành động này: :D

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  • Mặt nạ Captain America mẹ làm cho bé chơi Chỉ cần in, cắt, và dán rất đơn giản, bạn có thể làm chiếc mặt nạ Captain America cho bé chơi vui nhé.

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  • I shall commence this chapter by a description of Spanish Guiana (Provincia de la Guyana), which is a part of the ancient Capitania general of Caracas. Since the end of the sixteenth century three towns have successively borne the name of St. Thomas of Guiana. The first was situated opposite to the island of Faxardo, at the confluence of the Carony and the Orinoco, and was destroyed* by the Dutch, under the command of Captain Adrian Janson, in 1579. (* The first of the voyages undertaken at Raleigh's expense was in 1595; the second, that of Laurence Keymis, in...

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  • The area in which Sydney is located today has been inhabited by Australian aboriginals for 40,000 years. The European interest in the area began with the British explorer James Cook’s arrival in 1770 to what is known today as Botany Bay. After the discovery, the British government decided to found a new colony there, and in 1788 a settlement of convicts was established by Captain Arthur Phillip. Phillip named the town after the British minister, Thomas Townshend, who held the title Lord Sydney....

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  • The whole of this chapter contains an original record, being a distinct narrative of the discovery of America by COLUMBUS, written by his own son, who accompanied him in his latter voyages. It has been adopted into the present work from the Collection of Voyages and Travels published at London in 1704, by Awnsham and John Churchill, in four volumes folio; in which it is said to have been translated from the original Italian of Don Ferdinand Columbus, expressly for the use of that work.

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  • this Book, Vol. III. p. 346. given some notices of the voyages of John and Sebastian Cabot to America in the service of Henry VII. and VIII. it appears proper on the present occasion to insert a full report of every thing that is now known of these early navigations: As, although no immediate fruits were derived from these voyages, England by their means became second only to Spain in the discovery of America, and afterwards became second likewise in point of colonization in the New World.

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  • The Britannia, 125 feet long. Number of persons on board: 27 engaged on the vessel, including the Captain, two mates, two cooks, two stewards and a carpenter, with nine passengers, making, with 152 steerage passengers, a total of 188. The Captain, Wm. Sketchley, an experienced seaman having crossed the Atlantic 132 times—very attentive to the wants of the steerage. List of passengers: Mr. Bassnett from Preston, has been a good deal in Canada, also in the West Indies and Holy Land. Mr. Hamilton, a clergyman of the Irish Epis., decrepit easy Christian. Mr.

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  • About a year ago I was introduced to its hero, by Dr. James Hall, the distinguished founder and first governor of our colony at Cape Palmas. While busy with his noble task in Africa, Dr. Hall accidentally became acquainted with Captain Canot, during his residence at Cape Mount, and was greatly impressed in his favor by the accounts of all who knew him. Indeed,--setting aside his career as a slaver,--Dr. Hall's observation convinced him that Canot was a man of unquestionable integrity.

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  • Captain Lew Golden would have saved any foreign observer a great deal of trouble in studying America. He was an almost perfect type of the petty small-town middle-class lawyer. He lived in Panama, Pennsylvania. He had never been "captain" of anything except the Crescent Volunteer Fire Company, but he owned the title because he collected rents, wrote insurance, and meddled with lawsuits. He carried a quite visible mustache-comb and wore a collar, but no tie.

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  • The Coffins of America are descended from Tristram Coffin of England and Nantucket. Charles Carleton Coffin was born of Revolutionary sires. He first saw light in the southwest corner room of a house which stood on Water Street, in Boscawen, N. H., which his grandfather, Captain Peter Coffin, had built in 1766. This ancestor, "an energetic, plucky, good-natured, genial man," married Rebecca Hazeltine, of Chester, N. H. When the frame of the house was up and the corner room partitioned off, the bride and groom began housekeeping.

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  • Geography is the maker of history. The course of Dutch settlement in America was predetermined by a river which runs its length of a hundred and fifty miles from the mountains to the sea through the heart of a fertile country and which offers a natural highway for transportation of merchandise and for communication between colonies.

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