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  • When I began my search for traders worthy of inclusion in this vol- ume, my first call was to Doug Makepeace. He has built a career on finding and investing his own and client funds with exceptional traders. Doug was most generous in sharing information with me, even though doing so threatened his ability to invest additional funds with these traders in the future if they became too well known.

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  • Our Survival Kits are designed to be quick, concise, and much easier to read than most reference books. As in true wilderness survival kits, the key to success is limiting your materials to the least amount necessary. This provides users with fast, light, yet complete packs, and ensures easy travel without excess baggage.

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  • Chris Adcock is Professor of Financial Econometrics in the University of Sheffield. His career includes several years working in quantitative investment management in the City and, prior to that, a decade in management science consultancy. His research interests are in the development of robust and non-standard methods for modelling expected returns, portfolio selection methods and the properties of optimized portfolios. He has acted as an advisor to a number of asset management firms. He is the founding editor of the European Journal of Finance. George A.

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  • I am using several of the marketing techniques and getting good results. I look forward to developing more of the ideas. The marketing ideas shared in this program are worth a fortune. No question this is the best marketing program in the world. I have spent thousands of dollars on motivational and sales programs over my 20-year sales career and never have I found something this simple and effective to market my service. I look forward to never cold calling again. Thank you for helping revive my sales career. ...

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  • Often communities have to deal with local political considerations when they plan events. No specific advice can be given to the promoter except to warn him or her that political considerations are always important to the local community. Often a way to encourage elected political officials to support an event is to show the monetary or quality-of-life impact that a successful event would have on their communities or careers. Explaining the positive impact encourages officials to support the public safety coordinators by providing adequate local resources and funding. ...

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  • In time of crisis, one is looking for an edge over competition. During the last three years, the number of candidates registering for various certifications has exploded. If you are planning to enter the finance industry or try to give a boost to your career, this article will help you to choose the right designation. For people not familiar with finance professional designations, before registering, generally you have some requirements.

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  • In the years leading up to the current financial crisis, risks built up dangerously in our financial system. Rising asset prices, particularly in housing, concealed a sharp deterioration of underwriting standards for loans. The nation’s largest financial firms, already highly leveraged, became increasingly dependent on unstable sources of short- term funding. In many cases, weaknesses in firms’ risk-management systems left them unaware of the aggregate risk exposures on and off their balance sheets. A credit boom accompanied a housing bubble.

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  • LRAPs are also administered by state bar foundations, public interest legal employers, and federal and state governments to assist law graduates in pursuing and remaining in public interest jobs. The federal government offers some options to assist graduates seeking legal careers in public service, including the new income-based repayment (IBR) option for federal loan repayment and the Federal Loan Forgiveness Program, both beginning in 2009.

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  • Emergencies in medicine are difficult on two fronts: they may challenge both the health of the patient and the skills of the doctor in charge. If the latter, the former may deteriorate rapidly. Thus, the definition of an emergency indeed depends on who is facing it. As we mature along our clinical pathways of education, training, and experience, the risk of going through a personal professional emergency is continuously reduced. Nevertheless, throughout our medical career, accurate self-assessment and subsequent control of our actions remain our most important qualities.

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  • A major in Finance will offer you a wide range of employment opportunities. Potential careers may be found in corporations, retail and wholesale banking, insurance companies, finance companies, and brokerage houses. Specific jobs include portfolio management, risk management, personal financial planning advisory services, project and investment analysis, treasury operations, foreign exchange and money market dealing, and equity operations. A sample of career possibilities is below along with some of the roles performed in those jobs.

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  • You’ll start by speaking with the analysts and reading their reports. (See the “Career Track” box for insights on the work of the money market credit analyst.) If the fund you’re managing ranges beyond U.S. Treasuries, you’ll need rigorous research to determine which securities provide minimal credit risk. You’ll be investing in them for three to six months or longer and need to be confident that they’ll repay the fund at the end of the period.

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  • Many states and districts are moving toward test-based requirements for promotion at key transitional points in students’ schooling careers, thus ending the practice of “social promotion”— promoting students without regard for how much they have learned. The rationale for retention is that repetition of the grade will give students an additional year to master the academic content they failed to master the previous year, and, thus, students should be less at risk for failure...

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  • For the executive, physical needs have probably already been satisfi ed in the preceding middle management career and are not relevant. Security is arguably reduced for the executive, due to higher risk of dismissal for poor performance. Satisfaction of the need for belonging is also questionable, as the holding of the power to discipline or dismiss other employees in a fi rm pre- sumably reduces the ties of friendship to them.

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  • The latter part of the 20th century saw a tremendous burgeoning of information about the causes, course, and consequences of delinquent careers. During this period, our knowledge about the epidemiology of delinquency and crime, risk and protective factors for this type of behavior, etiological theories, and life-course consequences of adolescent deviance expanded exponentially. All of these topics were examined from multidisciplinary perspectives and the rate at which our knowledge base expanded was revolutionary....

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  • Thus, our total wealth is made up of two parts: our human capital and our financial capital. Recognizing this simple dichotomy dramatically broadens how we analyze financial activities. We desire to create a diversified overall portfolio at the appropriate level of risk. Because human capital is usually relatively low risk (compared with common stocks), we generally want to have a substantial amount of equities in our financial portfolio early in our careers because financial wealth makes up so little of our total wealth (human capital plus financial capital).

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  • The MSPH in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene is designed for students who wish to begin or advance professional careers in occupational and environmental risk assessment. Training covers principles of risk analysis and management in the workplace and the general environment. The programs include coursework in the following areas: toxicology, epidemiology, biostatistics, occupational health, occupational and environmental hygiene, air pollution, environmental sampling techniques, program management and risk analysis.

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  • Students conduct mechanistic and translational research on: the causes of breast, liver, lung and prostate cancer, inflammatory processes in cardiomyopathy, signal pathway disruption in cardiac hypertrophy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), autoimmunity, neurodevelopmental disorders and identification of pathways of toxicity. Seminars, journal clubs and research retreats are an integral part of the student experience.

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  • The tsunami of interest unleashed by this new global mindset is unveiling some fantastic opportunities- as well as some deceptive practices which are managing to ensnare thousands. Fortunately, there is good news amidst this delude and this article explores a home based assembly opportunity that quenches the desire for home based employment- while possessing all the sign posts of a legitimate and ethical home business.

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