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  • 1.OF Ashamed of : xấu hổ về… Afraid of : sợ, e ngại… Ahead of ; trước Aware of : nhận thức Capable of : có khả năng Confident of : tin tưởng Doublful of : nghi ngờ Fond of : thích Full of : đầy Hopeful of : hy vọng Independent of : độc lập Nervous of : lo lắng Proud of : tự hào Jealous of : ganh tỵ với Guilty of : phạm tội về, có tội Sick of : chán nản về Scare of : sợ hãi Suspicious of : nghi ngờ về

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  • Language is the great gift that distinguishes human beingsfrom other creatures. Like most gifts, it can be used thought-fully and to good advantage—or it can be used carelessly, in-differently, and quite unsuccessfully. The way in which you use language can tell people a good deal about your personal qualities—your way of thinking, your alertness, your concern for useful communication with other people—and your con- cern, your respect, for the English language itself.

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  • As I began this book, many Americans were beginning to be cautious about whom they called a hero. Athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, and celebrities had casually and carelessly been described as such. To do so after September 11, 2001, seemed preposterous. In the weeks following the attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., and the foiled attack that sent a plane crashing into western Pennsylvania, Americans saw the grim and affecting faces of genuine heroes— and they were caked in ash, blood, tears, toil, and sweat....

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