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  • In this edition we have added many new resorts, including some in Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, as well as the United States. Please keep in mind that the rates quoted for the Canadian destinations are in Canadian dollars. Rates for all other locations, including Mexico, are in US dollars. Clearly, some resorts and golf courses are a notch or two above the others; we have frequently been asked which resorts were our favorites. The list below gives what we consider to be the top 50 resorts.

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  • Nutrition is one of the most important factors that impact health in all areas of the lifecycle. Pregnant women need adequate food and health care to deliver a healthy baby who has a good birth weight and a fighting chance for survival. In many regions of the world, the infant mortality rate is very high, meaning that many infants will not live to see their first birthday. Breastfeeding is the ideal method of feeding and nurturing infants, because breast milk contains many immunologic agents that protect the infant against bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

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  • Paulino Calderón Pale (@calderpwn) is a very passionate software developer and penetration tester from a Caribbean island in México called Cozumel. He learned to write code and administer IT infrastructures early in his life—skills that came handy when he joined the information security industry. Today, he loves learning new technologies, penetration testing, conducting data-gathering experiments, developing software, and contributing to the open source community.

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  • Many American history books begin with the year 1492 and the discovery of the Caribbean Islands by Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus (1451–1506). For the great civilizations of Mesoamerica and South America, though, 1492 proved to be the beginning of the end of their civilization. The products of thousands of years of history—the cities, the architecture, markets, governments, economic systems, legal systems, schools, books, holy shrines—even the daily prayers of the people—were about to be willfully eliminated by the conquering European nations.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Anti-inflammatory effects of the gorgonian Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae collected at the Islands of Providencia and San Andrés (SW Caribbean)...

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  • Floribbean cuisine, also known as new era cuisine, has emerged as one of America’s new and most innovative regional cooking styles.The fresh flavors, combinations, and tastes of Floribbean cuisine are representative of the variety and quality of foods indigenous to Florida and the Caribbean Islands. Regional chefs often make a commitment to using locally grown foods and the fish and seafood of the abundant fresh and salt waters of the area.

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  • Rising sea levels will result in tens to hundreds of millions more people flooded each year with warming of 3 or 4°C. There will be serious risks and increasing pressures for coastal protection in South East Asia (Bangladesh and Vietnam), small islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific, and large coastal cities, such as Tokyo, New York, Cairo and London. According to one estimate, by the middle of the century, 200 million people may become permanently displaced due to rising sea levels, heavier floods, and more intense droughts. ...

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