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  • Hence, tourism marketing should not only be regarded as a tool for attracting more visitors to a region, as it has been the case for most destinations. Instead, tourism marketing should operate as a mechanism to facilitate regional development objectives and to rationalise the provision of tourism in order to ensure that the strategic objectives of destinations are achieved. Tourism marketing should also ensure equitable returns-on-resources-utilised for the production and delivery of tourism products, as well as the regeneration of these resources.

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  • In addition McQueen and Vorkink (2004) are able to reproduce GARCH volatility using a preference-based model with time-varying sensitivity to news. In a related paper, Vanden (2005) develops a model where the representative agent exhibits a utility function with several risk aversion regimes, which in equilibrium leads to volatility regimes and volatility clustering.

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  • In the end, I curled up on a bench in Peel Park, hidden under a rattly newspaper, and slept for what felt like ten seconds before a PCSO woke me up with a rough shake and a bright light in my eyes and sent me back to wander the streets. It was coming on dawn then, and I had a deep chill in my bones, and a drip of snot that replaced itself on the tip of my nose every time I wiped it off on my sleeve. I felt like a proper ruin and misery-guts when I finally dragged my arse back home, stuck...

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  • In some ways, the uncertainty over supply consistency is really a form of risk management. In the future, both petrochemical supply and renewable supply will carry increased risk. For petrochemicals, further supply uncertainty may arise from political changes in other world areas. For plant-derived materials, weather may be an uncertain factor locally, while specialty plants with less commodity type production may result in more trading uncertainty.

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  • The real estate impact of arts and cultural activities is seen not only in the redevelopment of discrete buildings, but in the incremental renewal of large districts involving complex social and design solutions. The physical expression of place-making by the creative sector often plays out over decades. Older urban neighborhoods are filled with architecturally- distinct buildings that exist in the interplay of recently re-built and longer term deteriorated sites.

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  • Vaginal pool smear: The aspiration can be performed after the introduction of unlubricated speculum. The technique allows collection of cells under direct vision from posterior fornix pool. When a speculum is not employed the pipette is gently introduced in to the vagina until resistance is encountered. It is important to compress the suction bulb during the introduction of the pipette to avoid collecting the cellular material of the lower vaginal origin. The cellular material is spread on a clean glass slide and fixed immediately.

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  • One of the most significant contributions of the MEASURE DHS program is the creation of an internationally comparable body of data on the demographic and health characteristics of populations in developing countries. The DHS Comparative Reports series examines these data across countries in a comparative framework. The DHS Analytical Studies series focuses on specific topics. The principal objectives of both series are to provide information for policy formulation at the international level and to examine individual country results in an international context.

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  • Some female respondents had accessed PMTCT services when pregnant. Among women not on ART, knowledge of PMTCT and where to obtain services was poorer. Women perceived PMTCT counselling on infant feeding, contraception, and dual protection to be inadequate. Many women not receiving ART knew that antiretroviral drugs were available at the clinics they were attending and knew that they did not yet qualify for the drugs. They knew little of the health effects of the therapy, however.

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  • EPA Region 9 has developed technical guidelines to help ensure that sampling and analyzing for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in soil and solid matrices are conducted in a manner that achieves accurate, technically defensible data. Region 9’s guidelines, which are intended to apply whenever VOC sampling in and analysis of soil and solid matrices are conducted, are consistent with United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Office of Solid Waste test methods.

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  • A good management and control of the societies in general is essential for their successful functioning and for that purpose the Government has been aiding them with trained and experienced personals and also with financial assistance. The management having no fear of evaluation of their works and checking of their accounts by some independent agencies might go reckless and the interest of the society might be affected adversely. With this objective in view audit of each Co-operative society at least once in each year has statutorily been provide.

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  • The natural world is there without us. When we constitute it, we want to appreciate something of the objective geomorphology and ecosystem that exists whether or not humans are interacting with it. Realizing this, we can follow the argument that landscape perception needs to be science-based, as well as participatory. Science becomes the primary avenue for perceiving land- scapes, better than any other—necessary though not sufficient for their most adequate understanding.

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  • But be Lenin as he may, whether Sally does Solly or Solly does Sally, whether power is inherited, autocratic, bureaucratic, meritocratic, kleptocratic, democratically legitimated, divinely ordained or obtained by gross bodily harm, power is forever both ephemeral and shared. In war, as in peace, all governments share power; and they all pray endlessly that it lasts until tomorrow, just as an atheistic Karoo farmer prays for rain. When shall come the storm? The question “when?” destroys politics just as it destroys economics.

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  • There is substantial evidence that the independent design profession contributes directly to economic wealth and the creation of employment and indirectly through the economic benefits it provides to business. These indirect benefits were not investigated as part of the study, but other evidence exists to support this (Walsh et al 1992). In the UK, the design profession contributes to exports, but only to established European and American markets.

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  • Moreover, school financial aid officials said that under the Direct Loan Program they were also able to easily change the amount of a loan if needed. For example, schools can adjust the amount of a Direct Loan to reflect changes in students’ courseload or increases in grant and scholarship aid—events that could affect the loan amount available to borrowers. The fourth factor—ease of tracking student loans over time— was important because the Direct Loan Program improved the loan process for students.

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  • Childhood obesity is one of the nation's most pressing public health issues. If current trends continue, best estimates suggest up to half of boys and almost a third of girls will be obese by 2050. Obese children are highly likely to become obese adults and the potential rise in cases of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and diet-related cancers would create a massive cost to the NHS, as well as huge suffering for those involved. Further action simply must be taken.

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  • The tables used in the main body of the following discus- sion are based on the entire sample, comprising 1,468 good loans and 1,297 bad loans. But in these summary tabulations, which represent a combination of the samples of all banks, the separate distributions of good and of bad loans for each bank have been so weighted that the combined sample may be considered to comprise 1,294 good loans and the same number of bad loans.

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  • Gamma uses traditional relational techniques for query parsing, optimization [SELI79, JARK84], and code generation. The optimization process is somewhat simplified as Gamma only employs hash-based algorithms for joins and other complex operations. Queries are compiled into a left-deep tree of operators. At execution time, each operator is executed by one or more operator processes at each participating site.

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  • We propose the creation of “Trichet Bonds” as a comprehensive solution to the current sovereign debt crisis in the EU area. “Trichet Bonds,” to be named after the ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet, will be similar to “Brady Bonds” that resolved the Latin American debt crisis in the late 1980s and were named after the then Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady. Like the Brady Bonds, Trichet Bonds will be new long-duration bonds issued by countries in the EU area that will be collateralized by zero-coupon bonds of the same duration issued by the ECB.

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  • Your lessor, agent or provider may want to claim some money from your bond. This may happen if you breach the agreement, leave the tenancy owing rent, damage the premises, or do not leave the place clean and in a similar condition to the beginning of the tenancy (fair wear and tear excepted). You may agree with the claims against your bond. When you sign the Refund of Rental Bond form you may agree that part, or all,of the bond will be paid to the lessor, agent or provider. You can fi ll in these amounts on the form. If you and the lessor, agent or provider, agree this...

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