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  • The literature indicates that the strongest concerns for women with early-stage breast cancer are those relating directly to cancer as a health and life threat, the most salient being the possibility of recurrence (Spencer et al., 1999). The experience of breast cancer often forces women to confront fear and uncertainty, and most overwhelming, the idea of their own mortality. These issues bring up many existential questions, for example “What is important in my life?” and “What meaning does my life have?”...

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  • Any book written about a subject which is rapidly changing necessarily represents a ‘snapshot’ in time—the author’s attempts to describe the current situation, and to predict what might be the state of things when the book is published. In the case of this book, the speed of change is rapidly increasing as the European Community (EC) nears 31 December 1992, the target date which the Single European Act defines as that by which a Single Market in products should be established.

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  • There is great difficulty, in the case of a subject so large and complex as is disease, in giving a definition which will be accurate and comprehensive. Disease may be defined as "A change produced in living things in consequence of which they are no longer in harmony with their environment." It is evident that this conception of disease is inseparable from the idea of life, since only a living thing can become diseased.

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