Catastrophic reactions

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  • Some southern producers also feel that premiums for buy-up coverage or revenue products are not affordable, leaving catastrophic policies (with minimal coverage) as the only viable option for many farmers. More broadly, some farm groups have requested that current subsidies be maintained or increased so premiums would be more affordable. 28 Corn producers want their premiums reduced because the loss ratio has been well below 1.0 (indemnities paid divided by premiums).

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  • Self-awareness allows individuals to have a sense of who they are in relation to society and culture. By reflexively adjusting one’s perception of self in reaction to society, people construct their individual identity. Approaches to identity abound, and they refer to many different ideas about the self, much of which is grounded in contemporary Western cultural values. Frequently, identity refers to at least two different aspects of the individual – that which is an internalized notion of the self, and that which is the projected version of one’s internalized self.

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  • I welcome with enthusiasm the third edition of this book for families and friends of patients with dementing illnesses. It has served well in its prior appearances and should accomplish even more with this edition, as here the most recent advances in scientific and clinical knowledge about these conditions are brought forth. As I have watched, with pride in Johns Hopkins psychiatry, each of the editions of The 36-Hour Day appear, I have been impressed by both the information and the comfort it brought to those who would help their relatives....

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  • The highly pathogenic H5N1 is a major avian pathogen that crosses species barriers and seriously affects humans as well as some mammals. It mutates in an intensified manner and is considered a potential candidate for the possible next pandemic with all the catastrophic consequences. Methods: Nasal swabs were collected from donkeys suffered from respiratory distress. The virus was isolated from the pooled nasal swabs in specific pathogen free embryonated chicken eggs (SPF-ECE).

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