Cation exclusion

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  • Two highly conserved NPA motifs are a hallmark of the aquaporin (AQP) family. The NPA triplets form N-terminal helix capping structures with the Asn side chains located in the centre of the water or solute-conducting channel, and are considered to play an important role in AQP selectivity.

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  • The teaching of constitutional law in American law schools focuses primarily—in fact, almost exclusively—on decisions rendered by the United States Supreme Court interpreting the Federal Constitution. For teachers of constitutional law who believe that equality and liberty are quintessential to a free society, this has come to be a disheartening affair, as the Supreme Court of the United States has become increasingly conservative and antipathetic, if not hostile, to the recognition of individual rights....

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  • The diseaseFusarium head blight (scab) causes severe problems for farmers and for the industries that use cereals. It is likely that the fungi that cause scab (Fusariumspp.) use various enzymes when they invade grains. We are studying enzymes that the fungi may use to hydrolyze grain proteins. To do this,Fusarium culmorumwas grown in a gluten-con-taining medium from which an alkaline serine proteinase with a molecular mass of 28.7 kDa was puri®ed by size-exclusion and cation exchange chromatographies....

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  • Abnormalities of the Glycolytic Pathway (Fig. 101-1) Since red cells, in the course of their differentiation, have sacrificed not only their nucleus and their ribosomes but also their mitochondria, they rely exclusively on the anaerobic portion of the glycolytic pathway for producing energy in the form of ATP. Most of the ATP is required by the red cell for cation transport against a concentration gradient across the membrane. If this fails, due to a defect of any of the enzymes of the glycolytic pathway, the result will be hemolytic disease.

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