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  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) has been widely researched in numerous application domains during the last decade. Despite the popularity of SCM research and applications, considerable confusion remains as to its meaning. There are several attempts made by researchers and practitioners to appropriately define SCM. Amidst fierce competition in all industries, SCM has gradually been embraced as a proven managerial approach to achieving sustainable profits and growth.

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  • This book addresses the stochastic modeling of telecommunication networks, introducing the main mathematical tools for that purpose, such as Markov processes, real and spatial point processes and stochastic recursions, and presenting a wide list of results on stability, performances and comparison of systems. The authors propose a comprehensive mathematical construction of the foundations of stochastic network theory: Markov chains, continuous time Markov chains are extensively studied using an original martingale-based approach.

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  • For an operator, the ability to make changes in the network quickly and efficiently is essential to reach its service and revenue goals. One potentially high-risk area in any network project is supply-chain and distribution management. The on-time availability of both major and minor materials for a network project is essential to keep costs down and the schedule on track. Material management poses a number of liabilities for many operators, including:

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Supply chain management" has contents: Understanding the supply chain; supply chain performance - achieving strategic fit and scope, supply chain drivers and metrics, designing distribution networks and applications to online sales, network design in the supply chain,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Logistics & supply chain management" has contents: Strategic lead-time management, the synchronous supply chain, complexity and the supply chain, managing the global pipeline, managing risk in the supply chain, the era of network competition, overcoming the barriers to supply chain integration,...and other contents.

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  • For shipping supplies to sustain troops overseas, airlift or sealift can be used with differential speed and cost. This documented briefing lays out a construct for designing a distribution network that takes advantage of the two transportation modes’ respective strengths to meet combatant command needs while minimizing total

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  • Thực thi và khắc phục sự cố triển khai chứng chỉ trong ISA Server 2006 – Phần 2 Trong phần hai này chúng tôi sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn cách sử dụng các chứng chỉ số trong các kịch bản web chain và reverse publish.

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  • Over the past few decades the rapid spread of information and knowledge, the increasing expectations of customers and stakeholders, intensified competition, and searching for superior performance and low costs at the same time, have made supply chain a critical management area.

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  • The mobile user requires the same accessibility, security, quality of service (QoS), and high availability currently enjoyed by wired users. Whether you are at work, at home, on the road, locally or internationally, there is a need to connect. The technological challenges are apparent, but to this end, mobility plays a role for everyone. Companies are deriving business value from mobile and wireless solutions.

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  • Working on operational performance improvement projects in chemical industry gave me the opportunity to experience first hand the challenges this industry is faced with due to changes of the competitive landscape and the shift of demand growth to the developing regions of the world. Ad- dressing these challenges requires not only an operational but also a strate- gic response. The production (network) strategy is at the heart of the prob- lem for many companies.

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  • In the chapter limit properties of genetic algorithms and theproblem of their classification are elaborated. Recently one can observe an increasing interest in properties of genetic algorithms modelled by Markov chains (Vose, Rowe). However, the known results are mainly limited to existence theorems. They say that there exists a limit distribution for a Markov chain describing a simple genetic algorithm. In the chapter we perform the next step on this way and present a formula for this limit distribution for a Markov chain.

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  • Một số kết quả thí nghiệm cho thấy không an toàn của Khối Cơ yếu Chaining (CBC) - một kỹ thuật phổ biến để mở rộng các thuật toán mã hóa vượt quá kích thước khối tăng lên khi O 2 / 2 n, trong đó n là kích thước khối bit, và s là số khối được mã hóa [20].

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  • Một số kết quả thí nghiệm cho thấy không an toàn của Khối Cơ yếu Chaining (CBC) - một kỹ thuật phổ biến để mở rộng các thuật toán mã hóa vượt quá kích thước khối tăng lên khi O 2 / 2 n, trong đó n là kích thước khối bit, và s là số khối được mã hóa [20].

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  • Progress in collaborative networks continues showing a growing number of manifestations including virtual organizations, virtual enterprises, dynamic supply chains, professional virtual communities, collaborative virtual laboratories, etc. with a wide spectrum of application domains. The realization that all these collaborative forms represent variations of a more general paradigm has lead to their consolidation into Collaborative Networks (CN) as anew scientific discipline.

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  • Sensor networks typically consist of tens to hundreds of small, battery-powered, radio-equipped nodes. These nodes usually have a small, embedded microprocessor, running at a few Mhz, with a small quantity of RAM and a larger Flash memory. The Berkeley mica2 Mote is a popu- lar sensor network hardware platform designed at UC Berkeley and sold commercially by Crossbow Corporation. It has a 7 Mhz processor, a 38.6Kbps radio with ~100 foot range, 4KB of RAM and 512KB flash, runs on AA batter- ies and uses ~15 mA in active power consumption and ~10 µA when asleep.

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  • Features: • Modular design enables line card diversity within the same chassis • Extend central office interconnect between network elements when distances are greater than 100 meters • Ethernet delivery solution from central office to customer premises • Reduce capital expenses associated with expensive optical line cards in network elements • Auto-negotiation features eliminate the need for optical line card upgrade in network elements • Redundant -48Vdc power supplies • Supports SNMP and Telnet communication protocols • Daisy-chain communication interfaces • Supports 10...

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  • ADC's loose tube simplex and duplex cables provide factory standard guaranteed performance specifications. They are 100% optically tested and are offered with a variety of optical performance levels. Features: • Extremely light weight • Exstremely small outer diameter • UV stabilized polyethylene jacket • Easier to install than conventional loose tube cables • Eliminates the need for large cable trailers Applications: • Crowded ducts • Along or inside chain link fencing • Small conduit...

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  • Our approach has some similarities to the epidemiological literature on the spread of disease in networks (see, for example, Anderson and May (1991), Newman (2002), Jackson and Rogers (2007), or the overview by Meyers (2007)). But there are two key differences. First, in epidemiological models, the susceptibility of an individual to contagion from a particular infected `neighbour' does not depend on the health of their other neighbours.

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  • In this chapter you will learn: Supply chains and the value delivery network, the nature and importance of marketing channels, channel behavior and organization, channel design decisions, channel management decisions, marketing logistics and supply chain management.

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  • Các thuật toán định tuyến Chuỗi đã được thực hiện trong kế hoạch bàn giao. Chuỗi thuật toán định tuyến được thêm vào chương trình bàn giao (chain-break) ở bước 5 như sau: 1. Các máy chủ lưu trữ di động sẽ gửi một yêu cầu bàn giaocác thuật toán chuỗi định tuyến sẽ được sử dụng. Trong trường hợp này, chúng ta có ba lựa chọn tuyến đường

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