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  • "Since its original introduction in 1997, the Unified Modeling Language has revolutionized software development. Every integrated software development environment in the world--open-source, standards-based, and proprietary--now supports UML and, more importantly, the model-driven approach to software development. This makes learning the newest UML standard, UML 2.0, critical for all software developers--and there isn't a better choice than this clear, step-by-step guide to learning the language." --Richard Mark Soley, Chairman and CEO, OMG...

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'united states government accountability office gao may 2011 report to the chairman of the board, congressional award foundation_part1', tài chính - ngân hàng, kế toán - kiểm toán phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • “Nếu phải chia tách doanh nghiệp, tôi sẽ nhường cho bạn toàn bộ bất động sản, tôi sẽ chỉ lấy thương hiệu và nhãn hiệu hàng hóa, chắc chắn tôi sẽ lời hơn bạn”- John Stuart, Chairman of Quaker (ca. 1900)

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  • About the Author Professor Ellen A. Benowitz has been employed at Mercer County Community College since 1972. In addition to providing instruction in the areas of accounting, business organization, business communications and management, she has also served in several administrative positions. Professor Benowitz is also the New Jersey State Chairman for Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda and serves as member of the national board of directors.

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  • “This is an excellent book for anyone interested in the important discussion of stock option expensing and, more significantly, the optimal use of stock options in compensation plans. It is written from the point of view of an experienced and knowledgeable com- pensation consultant who has advised board compensation com- mittees and talked with many people outside the field considering the economic and incentive effects of the overuse of stock options in the 90s.”—John M. Biggs, former Chairman & CEO of TIAA- CREF ...

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  • Review Test 1 I. Pronunciation: 1. A.looked B. waited C.needed D.contented 2. A.machine B. child D.teacher 3. A.children B.minute C.excited D.dinner 4. B.chairman C.chicken D.check II. Tense: 3. My sister (write)…………..him a

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  • Series Editor J. David Irwin Auburn University This is a series that will include handbooks, textbooks, and professional reference books on cutting-edge areas of engineering. Also included in this series will be single-authored professional books on state-of-theart techniques and methods in engineering. Its objective is to meet the needs of academic, industrial, and governmental engineers, as well as to provide instructional material for teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level. This series editor, J. David Irwin, is one of the best-known engineering educators in the world.

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  • Sven Erik Jørgensen is professor of environmental chemistry at the Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has doctorates in engineering from Karlsruhe University and sciences from Copenhagen University. He has been editor in chief of Ecological Modelling since the journal started in 1975. He is chairman of the International Lake Environment Committee. He has edited or authored 58 books in Danish and English and written 300 papers of which twothirds have been published in peer-reviewed international journals.

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  • The Honorable David Laro was appointed by President George H. W. Bush to the United States Tax Court, confirmed by the Senate, and invested as a federal judge in November 1992. He formerly practiced law in Michigan for 24 years, specializing in tax law. Judge Laro is a graduate of the New York University School of Law (LLM in Taxation, 1970), the University of Illinois Law School (JD, 1967), and the University of Michigan (BA, 1964). Before joining the U.S. Tax Court, Judge Laro was chairman and CEO of a publicly traded international company.

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  • CEO là gì? CEO (Chief Executive Officer) tạm dịch là giám đốc điều hành. Trong nhiều tập đoàn, công ty của Mỹ (và một số nước khác), vị trí cao nhất (top position) là Chairman hayPresident, dưới đó là các Vice president, officer (hoặc director) người điều hành, quyết định những việc quan trọng, rồi đến general manager, manager người phụ trách công việc cụ thể.

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  • Thuật ngữ và Cách dùng các Chức danh bằng tiếng Anh .Trong các công ty của Anh, cao nhất là Chairman, rồi đến Chief Executive Director hoặc Managing Director (hai chức này tương đương nhau nhưng Managing Director được dùng nhiều hơn).

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  • In the surnmero f 1997, whent he Federal ReserveB anko f Bostons elected the topic for its fortysecond annual economicc onference, manyp undits werea sking: "Is the business cycle dead, or at least permanently dampened?"B y the time the Bank’s conference convenedi n June 1998, the same pundits queried: "What caused the massive recessions in Asia?" and "Can the United States remain ’an oasis of prosperity,’ as Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan termed it, while economiesw orldwidea re under siege from financial crises?" Howq uickly things change! BeyondS hocks:W hatC ausesB usiness Cycles ? t...

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  • The Internet is upending the model for how businesses operate, and companies that don't take advantage of the change will have a difficult time staying afloat, says Michael Dell, chairman,

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  • Gordon V. Smith is chairman of AUS, Inc. and president of AUS Consultants. He has advised clients in valuation matters for over 40 years. His assignments have included appraisals of nearly every type of tangible and intangible property as well as consultations relative to royalty rates, economic life, and litigation damages for intellectual property. Clients have been many of the Fortune 500 and major international law firms, as well as research and educational institu- tions, regulatory bodies, and the U.S. government. Mr.

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  • Praise for Business in the Cloud: What Every Business Needs to Know About Cloud Computing In Business in the Cloud, Michael Hugos and Derek Hulitzky explain the many changes that cloud computing is bringing to technology, organizations, and industry ecosystems. Their book is a tutorial written in simple language to help readers understand the potential of the cloud to transform every industry in the years ahead. Business in the Cloud is highly recommended for anyone who wants to take advantage of the many opportunities being brought by cloud computing to business and society.

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  • “Nếu phải chia tách doanh nghiệp, tôi sẽ nhường cho bạn toàn bộ bất động sản, tôi sẽ chỉ lấy thương hiệu và nhãn hiệu hàng hóa, chắc chắn tôi sẽ lời hơn bạn”- John Stuart, Chairman of Quaker (ca. 1900), 25 năm cuối của thập kỷ 20 chứng kiến sự thay đổi cực kỳ ấn tượng trong hiểu biết của con người về những nhân tố tạo nên giá trị cổ đông.

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  • Colin Munro MacLeod is recognized as one of the founders of molecular biology for his research concerning the role of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in bacteria. Along with his colleagues Oswald Avery and Maclyn McCarty, MacLeod conducted experiments on bacterial transformation which indicated that DNA was the active agent in the genetic transformation of bacterial cells. His earlier research focused on the causes of pneumonia and the development of serums to treat it.

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  • Another pioneer and leader in the quality transformation is Dr. Joseph M. Juran (1904–), founder and chairman emeritus of the Juran Institute, Inc. in Wilton, Connecticut. Juran has authored several books on quality planning, and quality by design, and is the editor-in-chief of Juran’s Quality Control Handbook, the fourth edition copyrighted in 1988. (Reference 5)

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  • CHAPTER 38 VIBRATION AND CONTROL OF VIBRATION T. S. Sankar, Ph.D., Eng. Professor and Chairman Department of Mechanical Engineering Concordia University Montreal, Quebec, Canada R. B. Bhat, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering Concordia University Montreal, Quebec, Canada 38.1 INTRODUCTION / 38.1 38.2 SINGLE-DEGREE-OF-FREEDOM SYSTEMS / 38.1 38.3 SYSTEMS WITH SEVERAL DEGREES OF FREEDOM /38.19 38.4 VIBRATION ISOLATION / 38.28 REFERENCES / 38.30 38.

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  • If you sincerely believe that “the customer is king,” the second most important person in this kingdom must be the one who has a direct interaction on a daily basis with the king. MICHAEL BON CHAIRMAN & CEO, FRANCE TELECOM Chapter Consultant: Paulette Turner, Sales Operations Business Unit Executive, IBM Corporation

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