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  • No matter which way they turn, organizations are increasingly expected to find better and faster ways of responding to the change challenges presented by the revolution in information technology, increased globalization, smarter customers, and a constantly changing employee base.

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  •   Nowadays,  there  are  many  methods  to  study  shoreline  change  in  coastal  engineering.  Among  them,  mathematical  methods  are  considered  as  effective  ones  that  have  been  used  for  a  long  time.  LITPACK  is  a  numerical  model  in  MIKE  software  package,  developed  by  Danish  Hydraulic  Institute  (DHI),  for  simulating  non‐cohesive  sediment  transport  in  wave  and  currents,  littoral  drift,  coastline  evolution  and  profile  development  along ...

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  • Tham khảo sách 'marketing with case studies:the plot thickens', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Nobody likes to think that they make mistakes Making changes means talking about past mistakes – and admitting that they are mistakes! You may make a great case for change, and still fail to convince people to do it. Because change is uncomfortable, people in organizations will resist it. Project managers who try to change their organizations run into several common excuses when trying to implement tools, techniques and practices.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'practical know-how and case studies marketing inspiration for 2003', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • German case syncretism is often assumed to be the accidental by-product of historical development. This paper contradicts this claim and argues that the evolution of German case is driven by the need to optimize the cognitive effort and memory required for processing and interpretation. This hypothesis is supported by a novel kind of computational experiments that reconstruct and compare attested variations of the German definite article paradigm.

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  • .labor, to shore up union power, or to restrict the entry of low-skilled workers into the U.S. As the growth in the college premium slowed in the mid-1990s, education- and training-related policies received less attention, but in light of more recent upturns, they may regain popularity. Studies testing the SBTC theory have produced mixed results. The early case in support of the hypothesis was based primarily on the observation of concurrent trends at the macro leve

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  • Tính kiên nhẫn: _ Trước khi lắp ráp máy, đương nhiên bạn phải đi mua linh kiện. Mà bạn đã biết rồi đó, cửa hàng linh kiện máy tính bây giờ nhiều như nấm. Thêm nữa, phương châm bây giờ người bán hàng là... “Thượng đế”. Vì vậy, bạn phải tập cho mình tính kiên nhẫn cao độ để chiều lòng “Thượng đế”, mong sao “Ngài” giúp cho bạn mua hàng đúng chất lượng, đúng giá cả.

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  • Các thao tác cơ bản với Word 2003 (Phần 5) e. Đổi kiểu chữ in hoặc chữ thường cho văn bản. Để đổi kiểu chữ in hoặc chữ thường, bạn chọn đoạn văn bản cần thay đổi chữ, nhấp menu Format Change Case Tại hộp thoại Change Case, bạn có các tùy chọn + Sentence case: Viết hoa ở đầu câu. + Lowercase: viết thường toàn câu. + Uppercase: viết hoa toàn câu. + Title Case: Viết hoa ở mỗi chữ. + Toggle Case: đảo ngược chữ hoa và thường ở từng chữ.

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  • This edition continues the theme that runs throughout all 12 chapters: global environmental sustainability. This strategic issue will become even more important in the years ahead, as all of us struggle to deal with the consequences of climate change, global warming, and energy availability. We continue to be the most comprehensive strategy book on the market, with chapters ranging from corporate governance and social responsibility to competitive strategy, functional strategy, and strategic alliances.

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  • A critical aspect of business management is the successful creation of processes which drive the development of a continuous flow of innovation, to give a basis for competitive advantage. To reach this goal, the establishing of a knowledge management (KM) strategy may be considered the best way to channel the organization’s efforts to this end.

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  • Lệnh Change Case cho phép bạn thay đổi thiết lập viết hoa của văn bản được chọn chọn. Lệnh Change Case khác với định dạng All Caps là nó thực sự thay đổi các ký tự thay vì đơn thuần chỉ thay đổi diện mạo. - Chọn một trong các thao tác sau trong menu con Type Change Case

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  • In September 2003, Lou Carter’s Best Practices Institute performed a research study on trends and practices in leadership development and organization change. BPI asked organizations in a range of industries, sizes, and positions in the business cycle to identify their top methods of achieving strategic change and objectives. The study found that there is a strong demand, in particular, in the following areas of leadership development and organization change (see Table I.1).

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  • Soon after I left my role as an adviser to the UK government, I was interrupted whilst speaking publicly on the need for new climate change policies. “If you advocated these things in government for four years”, he said, “how come none of them happened?” It is a question that deserves a substantive answer. I have made the case for action on climate change in government, the voluntary sector and in business over the past ten years. It has been a fascinating but often dispiriting experience. We must do far better in the next ten years....

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  • Let’s face it. The formal part of software testing is a bore and a necessary evil at best. At least that is what most people in software development will tell you. Testers are on projects to point out mistakes. Who wants to do that? Well that is a perception, and this book isn’t going to change it. What this book will do is skip the ceremony and present testing concepts, tying them together in a sequential and straightforward fashion.

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  • The Portable MBA, Third Edition, Robert Bruner, Mark Eaker, R. Edward Freeman, Robert Spekman and Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg The Portable MBA Desk Reference, Second Edition, Nitin Nohria The Portable MBA in Economics, Philip K.Y. Young The Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship, Second Edition, William D. Bygrave The Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship Case Studies, William D. Bygrave The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting, Third Edition, John Leslie Livingstone and Theodore Grossman The Portable MBA in Investment, Peter L.

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  • When I first entered the field of environmental monitoring 33 years ago as a new employee of a then very new U.S. federal agency called the Environmental Protection Agency, our efforts were concentrated on primarily chasing pollutant residues in the environment. Eight years later when I founded the international journal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment that was still certainly the case.

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  • In smaller regions such as the Carpathian Basin (located in Eastern/Central Europe), 50 km horizontal resolution may still not be appropriate to describe the meso-scale processes (e.g., cloud formation and convective precipitation). For this purpose on a national level several RCMs have been adapted with finer resolution (25 and 10 km). Here, results from two of the adapted RCMs for Hungary are analyzed, namely, models PRECIS and RegCM. In this paper, first, data and models from PRUDENCE, PRECIS and RegCM are presented.

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  • This book is the first to look at NLP coaching as an evidence-based discipline. Susie Linder-Pelz describes how NLP coaching works, using examples and case studies to highlight what distinguishes it from other coaching approaches. She briefs readers on the theoretical underpinnings of NLP, and she explains which aspects of NLP can be backed with evidence and which aspects are not yet substantiated. A set of research questions helps coaches understand when and how to use NLP.

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  • The concept of forest sustainability dates from centuries ago, although the understanding of sustainable forest management (SFM) as an instrument that harmonizes ecological and socio-economic concerns is relatively new. The change in perspective occurred at the beginning of the 1990s in response to an increased awareness of the deterioration of the environment, in particular of the alarming loss of forest resources. The main and most striking cause of this deterioration is the deforestation occurring in some areas of the world.

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