Char reactions

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  • This is a book about coal gasification and its related technologies. The relationship between these technologies is shown in Figure 0.1. The gasification process begins with a viable feedstock. In this book, we focus on one of those feedstocks that must go through the gasification process, coal.

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  • content decreased (Agblevor et al. 1994). The equivalents of chlorine per equivalent of alkali or alkaline earth metals increased from 3.4 to 8.5 during this filtration. This suggests that the residual inorganics may be present as chlorides and that much of the chlorine may be in solution. Chloride ions in solution will have an adverse effect on corrosion of many metals, including stainless steels such as SS304. Compared to coal and many crude oils, biomass has a low sulfur content.

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  • Daniel et al. (1997) further refine style-based performance mea- sures by examining the actual holdings of mutual funds, and measuring the characteristics of the stocks held by the fund. The characteristics include the market capitalization or size, a measure of value (the ratio of book value to market value), and the return over the previous year. For a given fund, the OE portfolio is formed by matching the char- acteristics of the portfolio held by the fund with “passive” portfolios constructed to have the same characteristics....

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  • ■ The acknowledgment contains a statement certifying that the charity intends to give or sell the vehicle to a needy individual at a price significantly below fair market value and that the gift or sale is in direct furtherance of the charity’s charitable purpose of relieving the poor and dis­ tressed or the underprivileged who are in need of a means of transportation. This exception will not apply if the char­ ity merely applies the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle to a needy individual for any charitable purpose. ...

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  • Human disc-large homolog (hDlg), also known as synapse-associated protein 97, is a scaffold protein, a member of the membrane-associated guanylate kinase family, implicated in neuronal synapses and epithelial– epithelial cell junctions whose expression and function remains poorly char-acterized in most tissues, particularly in the vasculature.

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  • Recent studies suggest that diverse types of intronic and small non-coding RNAs play pivotal regulatory roles, often as a part of ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes, in a variety of cellular proces-ses such as transcription and translation. Thus, isolation and char-acterization of novel RNP complexes, such as micro RNPs, small nuclear RNPs, small nucleolar RNPs, and heteronuclear RNPs, are crucial to understand the biological systems.

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  • a-Conotoxins that target the neuronal nicotinic acetylcho-line receptor have a range of potential therapeutic applica-tions and are valuable probes for examining receptor subtype selectivity. The three-dimensional structures of about half of the knownneuronal specifica-conotoxins have nowbeendeterminedandhaveaconsensus foldcontaininga helical region braced by two conserved disulfide bonds. These disulfide bonds define the two-loop framework char-acteristic for a-conotoxins, CCXmCXnC, where loop 1 comprisesfourresidues(m¼4) and loop 2 between three and seven residues (n¼3, 6 or 7). ...

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  • Alzheimer’s disease and Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease are the best-known examples of a group of diseases known as the amyloidoses. They are char-acterized by the extracellular deposition of toxic, insoluble amyloid fibrils. Knowledge of the structure of these fibrils is essential for understanding the process of pathology of the amyloidoses and for the rational design of drugs to inhibit or reverse amyloid formation.

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  • Assembly of the components of the thylakoidDpH-dependent/Tat protein transport machinery was analyzed in vitro. Upon incubation with intact chloroplasts, precur-sors to all three components, Hcf106, cpTatC and Tha4, were imported into the organelle and assembled into char-acteristic endogenous complexes. In particular, all of the imported cpTatC and approximately two-thirds of the imported Hcf106functionally assembled into 700 kDa complexes capable of binding Tat pathway precursor pro-teins.

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  • Antibacterial peptides were isolated fromhuman peripheral granulocytes of a healthy donor who had been treated with granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) and cortisol. Peptides were solubilized in acidi®ed chloroform/methanol, and partitioned in chloroform/methanol/water. Water-soluble polypeptides were separated by cation-exchange and reversed-phase chromatography. Several previously char-acterized antibacterial polypeptides were identi®ed; defen-sins 1±3, defensin 4, lysozyme, eosinophil cationic protein, and calgranulin A. ...

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  • The energy demand for the endothermic gasification reaction is met by the combustion of residual char in the fast bed combustor. The circulating bed materials act as heat carrier between the two fluidized beds and maintain the required temperature in gasifier. Therefore, the hydrodynamics of such a dual fluidized beds system needs to be thoroughly understood for successful design and operation of the system for industrial application.

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