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  • Pointers and Strings the study of strings is useful to further tie in the relationship between pointers and arrays. It also makes it easy to illustrate how some of the standard C string functions can be implemented. Finally it illustrates how and when pointers can and should be passed to functions.

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  • It is important to correct the errors in the results of speech recognition to increase the performance of a speech translation system. This paper proposes a method for correcting errors using the statistical features of character co-occurrence, and evaluates the method. The proposed method comprises two successive correcting processes. The first process uses pairs of strings: the first string is an erroneous substring of the utterance predicted by speech recognition, the second string is the corresponding section of the actual utterance.

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  • A character-based measure of similarity is an important component of many natural language processing systems, including approaches to transliteration, coreference, word alignment, spelling correction, and the identification of cognates in related vocabularies. We propose an alignment-based discriminative framework for string similarity. We gather features from substring pairs consistent with a character-based alignment of the two strings.

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  • Chapter 8: String and Tries studies basic combinatorial properties of strings, sequences of characters or letters drawn from a fixed alphabet, and introduces algorithms that process strings ranging from fundamental methods at the heart of the theory of computation to practical text-processing methods with a host of important applications.

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  • Introduction to java programming: Chapter 8 - Strings and Text I/O's Objectives is to use the String class to process fixed strings; use the Character class to process a single character; use the StringBuilder/StringBuffer class to process flexible strings.

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  • Xâm nhập máy chủ Ms-Sql qua lỗi Sql-Injection & Cross-Database PHẦN I: CÁC KĨ THUẬT HACK TRONG SQL • sql-injection • convert-magic • cross-database PHÁT HIỆN LỖI SQL-INJECTION select price from product where id=1’ select price from product where id=1’ Unclosed quotation mark before the character string ‘[...] KĨ THUẬT CONVERT-MAGIC

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  • PHÁT HIỆN LỖI SQLINJECTION select price from product where id=1’ select price from product where id=1’ Unclosed quotation mark before the character string ‘[...]

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  • This module discusses arrays, strings, and pointers. Although these may seem to be three disconnected topics, they aren’t. In C++ they are intertwined, and an understanding of one aids in the understanding of the others. An array is a collection of variables of the same type that are referred to by a common name. Arrays may have from one to several dimensions, although the one-dimensional array is the most common. Arrays offer a convenient means of creating lists of related variables. The array that you will probably use most often is the character array, because it...

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  • In English text files, common words (e.g., "is", "are", "the") or similar patterns of character strings (e.g., lze\ lth\ iing'1} are usually used repeatedly. It is also observed that the characters in an English text occur in a well-documented distribution, with letter "e" and "space" being the most popular. 2. In numeric data files, often we observe runs of similar numbers or predictable interdependency amongst the numbers. 3. The neighboring pixels in a typical image are highly correlated to each other, with the pixels in a smooth region of an image having similar values. 4.

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  • Add transmission information to URL. There is a limitation in the length of the transmission character string. Example: http://localhost:8080/examples/hello? NAME=Billy POST There is not a limitation in the length of the transmission character string. It is possible to transmit only by tag.It has the execution environment such as Web containers

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  • String and character processing capabilities Text editors Word processors… Expand from previous chapters Class String and type char Class StringBuilder Importance of characters Character constants Character code Unicode character set String Object of class String in System namespace Consist of characters

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  • 196 Part II: SQL and SQL*Plus Function Name TO_YMINTERVAL TRANSLATE UNISTR TABLE 10-1. Definition Converts a character string of CHAR, VARCHAR2, NCHAR, or NVARCHAR2 datatype to an INTERVAL YEAR TO MONTH type. TRANSLATEs characters in a string into different characters. Converts a string into Unicode in the database Unicode character set. Transformation Functions (continued) The use of two of these functions, TO_CHAR and TO_DATE, has already been demonstrated in Chapter 9. TO_CHAR transforms a date into a character string (in the format you request).

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  • One of transformation's most primitive forms is the transformation of character sequences otherwise known as strings. Unlike the ancient language SNOBOL or the relatively modern Perl, XSLT was not specifically designed with string manipulation in mind. However, Chapter 1 shows that almost anything one wants to do with strings can be done within the confines of XSLT.

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  • The collection of built-in data types in a data base system (e.g. integer, floating point number, character string) and built-in operators (e.g. +, -, *, /) were motivated by the needs of business data processing applications. However, in many engineering applications this collection of types is not appropriate. For example, in a geographic application a user typically wants points, lines, line groups and polygons as basic data types and operators which include intersection, distance and containment.

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  • Explanation to improve readability of program comments one line /* ... */ comments multiple lines javadoc comments Comments that in form of /** …*/ are used by the javadoc program to produce HTML documentation for the program Example: This is an example of special java doc comments used for \n generating an html documentation. It uses tags like: @author Florence Balagtas @version 1.2

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  • Character strings and date values are enclosed in single quotation marks. Character values are case sensitive, and date values are format sensitive. The default date format is DD-MON-RR.

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  • Lecture Java: Chapter 2 (Data and Expressions) presented Character Strings, Variables and Assignment, Primitive Data Types, Expressions, Data Conversion, Interactive Programs, Graphics, Applets, Drawing Shapes.

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  • In this paper, we demonstrate that accurate machine translation is possible without the concept of “words,” treating MT as a problem of transformation between character strings. We achieve this result by applying phrasal inversion transduction grammar alignment techniques to character strings to train a character-based translation model, and using this in the phrase-based MT framework.

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  • The source model is used to estimate the generative probability of a word sequence, in which each word belongs to one word type. For each word type, a channel model is used to estimate the generative probability of a character string given the word type. So there are multiple channel models. We shall show in this paper that our models provide a statistical framework to corporate a wide variety linguistic knowledge and statistical models in a unified way. We evaluate the performance of our system using an annotated test set. ...

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