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  • Charles Kingsley makes this point in his 1873 lecture “Nausicaa in London: Or, the Lower Education of Woman,” in which he quotes the passage in The Odyssey in which Nausicaa plays ball with her female companions on the beach(62). J. Moyr Smith makes this explicit with regard to Greek clothing in his book Ancient Greek Female Costume in 1882: “Though more fully clad in most parts of Greece than in Sparta, the costume of the young girls and women was such as allowed the body to develop its natural beauty, and permitted a graceful freedom of motion” (17)....

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  • The tract appended to this preface has been chosen to accompany this reprint of Alton Locke in order to illustrate, from another side, a distinct period in the life of Charles Kingsley, which stands out very much by itself. It may be taken roughly to have extended from 1848 to 1856. It has been thought that they require a preface, and I have undertaken to write it, as one of the few survivors of those who were most intimately associated with the author at the time to which the works refer. No easy task; for, look at them from what point we will, these years...

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  • This shape thrust the breasts out to the front and pushed the buttocks out at the back with the ideas of transforming the wearer into “an unctuous version of the Winged Victory of Samothrace” (Newton 37). The illustrator Frederick Barnard published a cartoon in 1869 “‘Oh Stay!’ or, Graces versus Laces,” unfavourably comparing the natural curves and waistlines of the Greek style Graces and Venus peering into a corset boutique which illustrated the ridiculous bodily form of the ‘Grecian bend’ (Barnard 120).

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  • I should not have presumed to choose for any lectures of mine such a subject as that which I have tried to treat in this book. The subject was chosen by the Institution where the lectures were delivered. Still less should I have presumed to print them of my own accord, knowing how fragmentary and crude they are. They were printed at the special request of my audience. Least of all, perhaps, ought I to have presumed to publish them, as I have done, at Cambridge, where any inaccuracy or sciolism (and that such defects exist in these pages, I cannot but fear) would be...

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  • The rules of the Royal Institution forbid (and wisely) religious or political controversy. It was therefore impossible for me in these Lectures, to say much which had to be said, in drawing a just and complete picture of the Ancien Regime in France. The passages inserted between brackets, which bear on religious matters, were accordingly not spoken at the Royal Institution. But more. It was impossible for me in these Lectures, to bring forward as fully as I could have wished, the contrast between the continental nations and England, whether now, or during the eighteenth century.

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  • The birth chamber--What to provide for a confinement--Ready to purchase obstetrical outfits--Position and arrangement of the bed--How to properly prepare the accouchement bed--The Kelly pad--The advantages of the Kelly pad--Should a binder be used--Sanitary napkins--How to calculate the probable date of the confinement--Obstetrical table--When should a pregnant woman first call upon her physician--Regarding the choice of a physician--How to know the right kind of a physician for a confinement--The selection of a nurse--The difference between a trained and a maternity nurse--Duties of a conf...

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  • The question was put by a beautiful girl scarcely yet verging on womanhood to a fine intelligent youth, two or three years her senior, as they paced slowly on together through the gardens of the Louvre on the banks of the Seine, flowing at that period bright and clear amid fields and groves. Before them rose the stately palace lately increased and adorned by Henry the Second, the then reigning monarch of France, with its lofty towers, richly carved columns, and numerous rows of windows commanding a view over the city on one side, and across green fields and extensive forests, and far up and...

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  • The heroic deeds of Highlanders, both in these islands and elsewhere, have been told in verse and prose, and not more often, nor more loudly, than they deserve. But we must remember, now and then, that there have been heroes likewise in the lowland and in the fen. Why, however, poets have so seldom sung of them; why no historian, save Mr. Motley in his "Rise of the Dutch Republic," has condescended to tell the tale of their doughty deeds, is a question not difficult to answer. In the first place, they have been fewer in number. The lowlands of the world, being the richest...

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