Childhood and youth

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  • In 2004, more than 6,660,000 babies were born in North America. Just over 60 percent of these babies were born in the United States, 33 percent in Mexico, and 5 percent in Canada. Between 1994 and 2004, the number of babies born in the United States increased slightly (by just over 4 percent) while Mexico and Canada saw a decrease—11 percent and 25 percent, respectively. 1,2 Health during pregnancy, birth, and infancy provides the foundation for optimal development and well-being throughout childhood and youth.

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  • This book is a true story. Or rather it is several true stories. Really, it is acollection of memories, and in the process of writing them down, andcomparing them, we have learned that memory is a tricky thing. It’s like re-turning to the house in which you lived as a child. The staircase you re-membered as that monumental thing you crawled up slowly on your handsand knees is now something you can run up, hands free, two steps at a time.Well, you weren’t wrong then, and you aren’t wrong now...

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  • When the publishers asked me to write the Life of Watt, I declined, stating that my thoughts were upon other matters. This settled the question, as I supposed, but in this I was mistaken. Why shouldn't I write the Life of the maker of the steam-engine, out of which I had made fortune? Besides, I knew little of the history of the Steam Engine and of Watt himself, and the surest way to obtain knowledge was to comply with the publisher's highly complimentary request.

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  • d) What are the Provincial Policy Directions, Strategies and Mandates for Enabling all Children to Attain and Sustain Optimal Health and Developmental Potential? Attaining and sustaining optimal health and developmental potential for children is a shared mandate across provincial ministries. For example, the Ministry of Health Promotion (MHP) Healthy Ontarians, Healthy Ontario Strategic Framework document states, “Our fi rst priority will be our children and youth. Behaviours and attitudes developed in childhood last the rest of our lives.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Prevention of cardiovascular diseases from current evidence to clinical practice" presents the following contents: Cardiovascular disease in women - An update, risk factors in childhood and youth, genetics of cardiovascular disease, raised blood cholesterol - Preventable risk factor for cardiovascular disease, tobacco and alcohol control - Preventable risk factors,...

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  • The nation faces a growing epidemic of childhood obesity that threatens the immediate health of our children and youth and their prospects of growing up to be healthy adults. During the past 30 years, obesity in the United States has more than doubled among children aged 2–5 years and adolescents aged 12–19 years, and it has more than tripled among children aged 6–11 years. Currently, more than 9 million children and youth over the age of 6 years are obese.

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  • The  nomenclature  for  the  Interagency  List  of  Essential Medical Devices  for  Reproductive  Health  is based on  the existing United Nations Common Coding System  (UNCCS) and  the  UNICEF products database for the classification of products groups.     All products from this list are identified with a generic, short description with a maximum of  50 characters, except for the sutures. The complete technical specifications of the products are  based on the UNICEF standard products.

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  • There is growing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2) in the child and youth population, and particularly in young adults, secondary to an increase in their risk factors, which present themselves at very early stages of life. Among these, the most prevalent is obesity, which may increase rates of dyslipidemia, arterial hypertension (AH) and carbohydrate metabolism disorders, which are also recognized risk factors for cardiometabolic diseases (CMD). ...

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  • More than half a million women and girls are held in prisons throughout the world, either as remand or sentenced prisoners. In Europe, about 100 000 women and girls are in prison (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2008). Women constitute a very small proportion of the general prison population worldwide, usually between 2% and 9% of a country’s prison population. Only 12 prison systems worldwide report a higher percentage than that. The median level in Europe is 4.4%.

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  • On Monday, work groups discussed men’s roles and participation in reproductive health. On Tuesday, work groups met to discuss how to reduce the barriers to men's participation and how to use appropriate communication channels to promote men's participation. On Wednesday, work groups examined counseling, interpersonal communication, and access to services for men. On Thursday, country teams met to identify the changes needed at soci- etal, organizational, and policy levels to increase men's participation and to discuss how advocacy can be used to bring about the necessary changes.

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  • Nationally, estimates for the rate of overweight among children aged 4 to 12 is 10 percentage points higher for African-American and Latino children (22 percent) than for white children (12 percent) (Strauss, et al., 2001). Between the early 1960s and the late 1980s, while the rates of obesity tripled for black girls, they doubled for white girls (Kimm, et al., 2001). As nationally, there are disparities in childhood overweight among certain ethnic groups in California, African-American and Latino teens are at higher risk of overweight than white teens (Ritchie, et al., 2001).

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  • The problem of overweight affects more than 1 in 7 youth ages 6 to 17 (Flegal, et al., 2002; Ogden, et al., 2002). A number of factors contribute to this rising rate of childhood overweight; however, scientists and medical professionals agree that poor diet and lack of physical activity play some of the most important roles in children being overweight (Berkey, et al., 2000; Rowlands, et al., 1999). Sub-optimal levels of physical activity and poor ...

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  • The literature has pointed out to the relationship between obesity in youth and premature death due to endogenous causes of cardiac/metabolic origin. It is therefore fundamental to know how and when the risk factors for CMD begin to affect vascular function and structure, and particularly, how to detect them early in order to enable the development of truly primary preventive strategies.

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  • "If youth only knew, if old age only could!" lamented the philosopher. What is the use, say some, of putting ideas about disease into children's heads and making them fussy about their health and anxious before their time? Precisely because ideas about disease are far less hurtful than disease itself, and because the period for richest returns from sensible living is childhood--and the earlier the better. It is abundantly worth while to teach a child how to protect his health and build up his strength; too many of us only begin to take thought of our health when it is too late to do us much...

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  • For the benefits of play to be used to their full advantage, support must come from everyone. The NICE report on promoting physical activity for children and young people, carried out on behalf of the Department of Health, states that responsibility for increasing physical activity levels in childhood should involve a range of professional bodies (NICE 2009). This includes community and voluntary groups, government departments, local authorities, early years, play and youth service providers, the police, health service providers, the private sector, schools and colleges.

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  • An easy to read, spiritual, historical novel about the life of Nostradamus, the famous seer from the 16th century. After a happy childhood, Michel de Nostredame successfully battles the plague, as a young physician, during the last part of the dark Middle Ages in France. But then a great calamity befalls his own family and totally destroys his life...About the Author Eric Mellema was born on January twenty-six, 1966 in Dalen, the Netherlands. Aside from a few confrontations with poltergeists, his youth went smoothly, until those deep-rooted incidents threatened to overwhelm him, a few y...

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  • "A Merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." The desire to play and frolic seems to be a heritage of mankind. In infancy and early childhood this joy and exuberance of spirit is given full sway. In youth, that effervescent stage of human existence, "joy is unconfined." But in middle age and later life we are prone to stifle this wholesome atmosphere of happiness, with care and worry and perhaps, when a vexed or worried feeling has been allowed to control us, even forbid the children to play at that time. Why not reverse things and drown care and strife...

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  • Opportunity: Over 70% of mental health problems have their onset in childhood or early adolescence. 20% of all children have a significant mental health problem that causes impairment. 10% of all children have a chronic psychiatric disorder with a significant genetic aetiology. Neurodevelopmental disorders such as mental retardation and autism are lifelong debilitating diseases which affect 2-3% of children. 12 Schizophrenia affects 1% of the population and is likely also a developmental disorder.

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