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  • Research problems and questions and how they relate to debates in Research Methods Recommended additional reading: Research Methods for Business Students, (Saunders, M, Lewis, P et al. 2007) Chapters 1 and 2 1.1 Chapter Overview 1.1.1 Learning Outcomes By the end of this chapter successful students will be able to: 1. Understand the learning and teaching strategy for this chapter 2. Distinguish business and management research from other kinds of research 3. Understand the issues relating to identifying and reformulating problems for research 4. Identify the key debates in research methods...

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  • MVVM (Model View View Model) is a Microsoft best practices pattern for working in WPF and Silverlight that is highly recommended by both Microsoft and industry experts alike. This book will look at the reasons for the pattern still being slow to become an industry standard, addressing the pain points of MVVM. It will help Silverlight and WPF programmers get up and running quickly with this useful pattern.

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  • This chapter provides pointers to help you to prepare for the CCIE Routing and Switching written exam, including how to choose proper answers, how to decode ambiguity, how to work within the Cisco testing framework, how to decide what you need to memorize, and what to expect before, during, and after the exam. After presenting exam pointers, this chapter supplies a 100-question sample test devised to quiz you on subject matter related to Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching written exam 350-001. You’ll find the answers to the sample test in Chapter 12....

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  • GNU/Linux has taken the world of computers by storm.At one time, personal computer users were forced to choose among proprietary operating environments and applications. Users had no way of fixing or improving these programs, could not look “under the hood,” and were often forced to accept restrictive licenses. GNU/Linux and other open source systems have changed that—now PC users, administrators, and developers can choose a free operating environment complete with tools, applications, and full source code.

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  • 1. Choose a point of view and support that view. (Sample question) Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which point of view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer. This type of question asks you to look at only ONE side of the issue - the side you agree with. DON'T write about both sides. You tell which side you agree with and support your ideas with details and examples. Sample Essay for this...

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  • SAMPLE TEST 1 PART I: Choose the correct answer by writing the letter A, B, C or D after each number on your answer sheet. 1. Get the invoice ______ upon receipt. (A) signature (B) sign (C) signed (D) signing 2. ________ time to submit a bid. (A) Still there is (B) Is there still (C) There is still (D) They're still is 3. Our future will be _____ on what services we can provide. (A) basic (B) based (C) basing (D) base 4. If there ______better communication, I would not resign. (A) were (B) was (C) is (D) will...

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  • SAMPLE TEST 4 I: Choose the word that has a different pronunciation from the others of each group: 1pt 1. A. bread B. coffee C. meat D. tea 2. A. bath B. bathe C. great D. stead 3. A. leave B. read C. ready D. week 4. A. hungry B. pupil C. Sunday D.

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  • The questionnaire (survey) is a useful tool for Tyne and Wear University (TWU) to access and justify the success of the safety bus. In order to collect the greatest number of respondents with accurate response, the university need to design and distribute the effective questionnaire. The reason for choosing the questionnaire is caused by several advantages it brings to the business. According to Robson, Pemberton and McGrane (2011), the questionnaire seems to cover a numerous people, so, it increases the sample size....

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  • This book does not cover Windows or DirectX at all. Instead, this book focuses on the subject of game programming using a cross-platform game library called Allegro. This library is extremely powerful and versatile. I did not even hesitate to choose Allegro when developing the initial proposal for this book because Allegro opens up a world of possibilities that are ignored when you focus spe-cifically on Windows and DirectX. This edition still uses the standard C language, and the sample programs will compile on multiple platforms.

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  • The book is a detailed guide to building integrations on top of Alfresco filled with tons of examples and sample code. It is intended to be a complete overview to help developers choose a specific API with related method invocations. If you are a web developer who wants to build business applications on top of Alfresco, then this is the book for you. Basic understanding of XML, Web development concepts (HTTP, MVC) and Web Services is required.

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  • They exhibit the profile characteristic of being credit constrained with spending out of current income, while simultaneously choosing a “flat” profile for credit card spending over the pay period. This behavior suggests of the use of a mental account rule, and thus provides some indication that households in our sample are sophisticated, and able to use internal commitments to limit overspending. In summary, the two main stylized facts generated by this paper are difficult to explain in the standard economic framework.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 3.8 Finding Rows in a DataTable Problem You need to find a row or group of rows in a DataTable meeting certain criteria. Solution Choose from the three techniques shown in the sample code to locate data in the table meeting user-specified criteria.

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  • Have students turn in lapes and essays. If you have voice mail and choose to use it for home¬work assignments, students can phone you and leave a one-minute response to a speaking task. Spend grading time on these important sections. Bring samples oi good work to class— good organization, good openings, good support statements, good closings. Catch your stu¬dents doing something good and use it as an example.

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  • Sell! you want to choose two that are strong in terms of their appeal, so if your book offers something new or different, pick the two chapters that best exemplify this. If a chart or other illustrative material is essential to the chapter, enclose that, too. These chapters should be typed just like the rest of your material. How long the proposal is depends on how long your sample chapters are. A typical book proposal might run between 20 and 50 pages, double spaced. You can see a full sample proposal on the website This chapter has covered the...

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  • Heat transport limitation in larger tissue may also affect survival. Due to the macroscopic size of tissue-engineered products and its finite thermal conductivity, there may be large thermal gradients from the surface to the interior of the samples. The presence of a thermal gradient during cooling and warming phases makes it difficult to choose optimal temperature change protocols for both surface and interior cells. Moreover, osmotic effects (water movement from inside-unfrozen cells to outside-frozen cells) during cooling, reduces cell survival.

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  • We identify earnings restatements by searching the Lexis-Nexis news library using keyword and string searches. We searched for words containing the strings “restat” or “revis.” We supplement this sample with keyword searches from two other full-text news databases, Newspaper Source and Proquest Newspapers. The restatement sample consists of restatements announced over the period from January 1, 2000, to December 31, 2001.

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  • Finding the right marketing software partner for your company can be a challenge. To succeed, you need a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s needs, cross-functional support, and a process to get you to the finish line. This sample RFP will help you think through the various components of a successful marketing partnership, align on the key questions and concerns for your end goal, and choose a long-term, results-oriented marketing partner who understands your challenges and has a solution to solve them.

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  • Audit target 4 a reviews the quality management of degree education at a general level. In turn, audit target 5 takes a more detailed look at primarily three degree programmes chosen as samples of degree education. HEIs choose two of these themselves. Universities of applied sciences choose one programme leading to a bachelor’s degree and one programme leading to a university of applied sciences master’s degree. Universities choose one module leading to a degree that includes both bachelor’s and master’s education, as well as one programme leading to a doctoral degree.

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  • One of the main reasons for choosing ARC is for its superior ability at handling imbalanced class distributions. It utilizes the association rule mining, making sampling unnecessary in many cases otherwise requiring sampling. In [WZYY05], ARC has been shown to produce the best result among many algorithms on the data set used for KDD- 98 [Kdd98], which has a skewed class distribution. In addition, ARC can handle high dimensionality (the data set has more than 400 variables) without a considerably long running time.

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  • 22 Chapter 2 Choose Your Development Environment Figure 2.8 Create a sample application. Figure 2.9 List of sample applications Download from Eclipse 23 As before, this list is retrieved from the remote WebSphere sMash repository, so you’ll need an Internet connection to populate this list to. After you select a sample, click Next and then Finish, and the sample application will be created in your current workspace. After it has been created, you can poke around and take a look at the sample, edit it, and run it as is discussed later in this chapter.

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