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  • Students with one or more years of English me Students with two or more years of English e e e Students with three or more years of English Title Activity Language Level

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  • My passion started at school where the languages I was taught – French, English, and Latin – had long lasting consequences on my life. At 17, I met a brilliant and attractive French teenager who is now my wife; English would prove useful for reading and writing in medicine; and Latin opened my eyes to the world of words. One week before my 13th birthday, I used my new Christmas voice-recorder to register word lists from our school manual: rosa – die Rose; insula – die Insel; bestia – das Tier.

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  • FORMATTING TEXT AND DATES The DateTime() constructor also takes two optional arguments: a string containing a date and/or time, and a DateTimeZone object. The date/time string for the first argument can be in any of the formats listed at http://docs.php.net/manual/en/datetime.formats.php. Unlike MySQL, which accepts only one format, PHP goes to the opposite extreme. The range of valid formats is overwhelming and potentially confusing.

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