Chromatographic measurements

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  • Acceleration is the piezoelectric device, but they operate at much lower frequency (typically tens or hundreds of Hz instead of hundreds of kHz). Both the AE acceleration sensor is used to sense movement. However, perceived motion accelerometer has a wavelength of the order of tens to hundreds of feet. Therefore, the measure the movement of the structure as a whole and not sensitive to small points disorders. The AE sensor test part of the local structure, and is very sensitive to the disorder....

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  • The sample extraction and concentration steps in this method are essentially the same as in Methods 606, 608, 609, and 612. Thus, a single sample may be extracted to measure the parameters included in the scope of each of these methods. When cleanup is required, the concentration levels must be high enough to permit selecting aliquots, as necessary, to apply appropriate cleanup procedures. The analyst is allowed the latitude, under Section 12, to select chromatographic conditions appropriate for the simultaneous measurement of combinations of these parameters....

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