Circulatory physiology

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  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology for Allied Health, first edition, is an introductory book to the body systems for medical assisting students. It acquaints students with basic information about all of the body systems. The book speaks directly to the student, with chapter introductions, case studies, and chapter summaries written to engage the student’s attention. When referring to patients in the third person, we have alternated between passages that describe a male patient and passages that describe a female patient.

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  • The main method of cognition of the performance of biological systems is their mathematical modeling. The essence of this method should reflect the principle of optimization in biology[9]. Any biosystem cannot function if its energy consumption is inadequately high. The same is applicable to the blood circulatory system. Its main function is to transport blood throughout the body in order to maintain the proper gaseous exchange, deliver important substances to viscera and tissues in living body and remove decay products.

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  • Research and development in bioengineering and medical technology, conducted during recent decades, have led to spectacular progress in clinical medicine. These achievements have triggered an enormous increase in the number of courses offered in the areas of bioengineering, clinical technology and medical informatics; nowadays, most major universities offer curricula oriented towards these fields. The majority of participants however come from engineering backgrounds and so modules dealing with basic biological and medical sciences have been included.

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  • Chapter 19 - The cardiovascular system: Blood vessels (part c). After completing this unit, you should be able to: Trace the pathway of blood through the pulmonary circuit, and state the importance of this special circulation; describe the general functions of the systemic circuit; name and give the location of the major arteries and veins in the systemic circulation;...

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  • In general, the health status at old age has an important individual and social relevance. The vulnerability is increasing by physiological and morphological changes in the organism and central nervous system during the ageing process. The indicators of physiological health are based on prevalence of disabilities and causes of death. In Germany the main causes of death are circulatory diseases, neoplasms, diseases of respiratory system and diseases of digestive system (Statistisches Bundesamt 2007a; Nolte, Shkolinikov & McKee 2000).

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  • There are at least three well-defined signalling cascades engaged directly in the physiological regulation of cardiac circulatory function: theb1-adrenoceptors that control the cardiac contractile apparatus,the renin-angiotensin-aldo-sterone system involved in regulating bloodpressure and the natriuretic peptides contributing at least to the factors determining circulating volume.

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