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  • Bài giảng bài 2 đề cập đến việc bảo mật mạng sử dụng Cisco IOS Firewall. Bài học này giúp sinh viên hình dung được cách xây dựng hệ thống phòng thủ theo từng tầng, biết ứng dụng bài học vào thực tiễn xây dựng hệ thống Firewall với Cisco IOS Firewall bảo mật cho hệ thống mạng doanh nghiệp.

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  • This chapter explains the two Cisco Firewall solutions: Cisco IOS Zone-Based Policy Firewalls and Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance. It describes in detail Cisco IOS Zone-Based Policy Firewall, and how the solution uses the Cisco Common Classification Policy Language (C3PL) for creating firewall policies. The chapter then presents the Cisco ASA firewall, identifying key supported features and the building blocks of its configuration using ASDM.

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  • PIX Firewall chứa tập các lệnh dựa trên hệ điều hành Cisco IOS và cung cấp 4 chế độ truy cập:  Unprivileged mode (chế độ truy cập không đặc quyền) – Chế độ này sẽ sẵn có khi bạn lần đầu tiên truy cập vào PIX Firewall. Từ dấu nhắc được hiển thị, chế độ này cho phép bạn xem các thiết lập một cách hạn chế.

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  • Bài 3 trang bị cho người học những hiểu biết về bảo mật mạng sử dụng Cisco IPS, giúp sinh viên hiểu về các tính năng của các hệ thống IPS/IDS, biết ứng dụng bài học vào thực tiễn xây dựng hệ thống phát hiện và ngăn chặn tấn công cho hệ thống mạng doanh nghiệp.

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  • Bài 4 đề cập đến việc triển khai hệ thống VPN trên Cisco IOS. Bài này giúp người học biết triển khai một hệ thống VPN với cơ chế bảo mật thông qua giao thức IPSec, biết ứng dụng bài học vào thực tiễn xây dựng hệ thống VPN an toàn cho doanh nghiệp.

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  • PIX Firewall version 6.2 introduces support for up to 16 privilege levels. This is similar to what is available with Cisco IOS software. With this feature, you can assign PIX Firewall commands to one of 16 levels. Also, users logging into the PIX Firewall are assigned privilege levels.

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  • Dynamic, or "lock-and-key," access lists are one of the IOS features commonly used to tighten security on a router. They allow the network administrator to grant temporary access to a network or service when a user gives a valid ID and password. Dynamic access list statements have several advantages over static ACL entries: access can be granted for only a short time, and access can be based on the user, rather than on the IP address of the workstation.

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  • Packet snooping can be detected in certain instances, but it usually occurs without anyone knowing. For packet snooping to occur, a device must be inserted between the sending and receiving machines. This task is more difficult with point-to-point technologies such as serial line connections, but it can be fairly easy with shared media environments. If hubs or concentrators are used, it can be relatively easy to insert a new node. However, some devices are coming out with features that remember MAC addresses and can detect whether a new node is on the network.

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  • The ASA is a standalone firewall device that is a primary component of the Cisco SecureX architecture. The following will be discussed in this chapter: Which kind of branch is appropriate for the IOS firewall solution? What is disadvantage of the IOS firewall solution? Inviting you to refer.

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  • "Secure Router Configuration - IOS 15.1" aims at providing network security engineers with the knowledge and skills needed to secure Cisco IOS router based networks. Readers of this book will be able to secure the network environment using existing Cisco IOS Software features, as well as install and configure components of the Cisco IOS Software, such as zone-based policy firewall and Cisco IOS Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).

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  • If yes, provide course name and acronym: CSVPN 1.0 and EOL date: February 28, 2002 If this is a new version, what are the differences? The CSVPN 2.0 course updates the CSVPN 1.01 course. It combines the complete Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator release 3.1 curriculum with existing Cisco PIX Firewall-VPN and IOS-VPN theory and labs. It also contains the exciting new 3002 Hardware Client and Cisco Unity VPN Client. New features in CSVPN 2.0 include the following:

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  • Some company executives want more secure connections when working with cable and DSL connections from their homes. They have requested a proposal for purchasing small routers for this purpose. The assignment is to research at least two different solutions and develop a proposal. The project details are as follows: • The company IT department is interested in reliability. • There is concern about working with and supporting too many models of devices. • The company uses Cisco routers throughout the corporate network.

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  • This chapter suggests design principles to plan a threat control and containment strategy using firewalls and intrusion prevention systems in Cisco IOS environments. This chapter provides a general evaluation of the current state of enterprise security in the presence of evolving threats. It presents the design considerations for a threat protection strategy as part of a risk management strategy with Cisco threat control and containment solutions.

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