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  • This design guide defines the comprehensive functional components required to build an enterprise virtual private network (VPN) solution that can transport IP telephony and video. This design guide identifies the individual hardware requirements and their interconnections, software features, management needs, and partner dependencies, to enable customers to deploy, manage, and maintain an enterprise VPN solution.

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  • PIX Firewall version 6.2 lets you use PIX Firewall as an Easy VPN Remote device when connecting to an Easy VPN Server, such as a Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator or a PIX Firewall. This functionality, sometimes called a “hardware client,” allows the PIX Firewall to establish a VPN tunnel to the Easy VPN Server. Hosts running on the LAN behind the PIX Firewall can connect through the Easy VPN Server without individually running any VPN client software.

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  • If yes, provide course name and acronym: CSVPN 1.0 and EOL date: February 28, 2002 If this is a new version, what are the differences? The CSVPN 2.0 course updates the CSVPN 1.01 course. It combines the complete Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator release 3.1 curriculum with existing Cisco PIX Firewall-VPN and IOS-VPN theory and labs. It also contains the exciting new 3002 Hardware Client and Cisco Unity VPN Client. New features in CSVPN 2.0 include the following:

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  • Companies must protect confidential information from eavesdropping or tampering during transmission. By implementing Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enterprises can establish private, secure communications across a public network—usually the Internet—and extend their corporate networks to remote offices, mobile users, telecommuters, and extranet partners.

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  • Cisco’s 3000 series VPN Concentrators continue to be one of its most popular security product offerings. Due to their reliability, fault tolerance, ease of setup, management, and monitoring, they scale well from small remote sites to large enterprise solutions. The default policies shipped with the units allow an administrator to quickly and easily place a unit into production within an hour of unpacking.

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