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  • Montana Territory in 1883 was a dangerous place--especially for a blind woman struggling to make her way through an early winter snowstorm. Undaunted, Noelle Kramer fought to remain independent. But then a runaway horse nearly plunged her into a rushing, ice-choked river, before a stranger’s strong, sure hand saved her from certain death.

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  • circuit | Clan circuit noun a series of homosexual parties held each year around the US, with participants flying from city to city for the festivities US, 1990s 144 CJ noun phencyclidine, the recreational drug known as PCP or angel dust US, 1994 C-jam noun cocaine US, 1986 c-jame noun cocaine US, 1968 C-joint noun a place where cocaine is sold US, 2002 CJ’s noun a pair of men’s close-fitting and revealing nylon swimming trunks. Standing for COCK JOCKS AUSTRALIA, 2003 CK noun 1 Calvin Klein™ clothing.

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  • Approximately 10% of amylolytic enzymes are able to bind and degrade raw starch. Usually a distinct domain, the starch-binding domain (SBD), is responsible for this property. These domains have been classified into families of carbohydrate-binding modules (CBM). At present, there are six SBD families: CBM20, CBM21, CBM25, CBM26, CBM34, and CBM41.

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  • A young Irish gentleman of the numerous clan O'Donnells, and a Patrick, hardly a distinction of him until we know him, had bound himself, by purchase of a railway-ticket, to travel direct to the borders of North Wales, on a visit to a notable landowner of those marches, the Squire Adister, whose family-seat was where the hills begin to lift and spy into the heart of black mountains. Examining his ticket with an apparent curiosity, the son of a greener island debated whether it would not be better for him to follow his inclinations, now that he had gone so far as to pay for...

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  • Peat smoke darkened the room and firelight struggled to glint off the weapons behind Uncle Beathan, our clan chieftain. I kept my eyes on the weapons so I did not have to look at him. A bronze shield, two spears and two swords -- one short, and one long -- were balanced against the wall. The sword hilts showed our smith's interpretations of animals, trees and the spirals of life. If I squinted just right, the bear, Uncle Beathan's name sign, shrugged its shoulders as if alive. When he was in a better mood than today, he let me touch them. I wished I had...

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  • The ceremonial dance of the Alaskan Eskimo is a rhythmic pantomime--the story in gesture and song of the lives of the various Arctic animals on which they subsist and from whom they believe their ancient clans are sprung. The dances vary in complexity from the ordinary social dance, in which all share promiscuously and in which individual action is subordinated to rhythm, to the pantomime totem dances performed by especially trained actors who hold their positions from year to year according to artistic merit.

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