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  • Argumentation schemes are structures or templates for various kinds of arguments. Given the text of an argument with premises and conclusion identified, we classify it as an instance of one of five common schemes, using features specific to each scheme. We achieve accuracies of 63–91% in one-against-others classification and 80–94% in pairwise classification (baseline = 50% in both cases).

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  • This paper describes a method for automatically extracting and classifying multiword expressions (MWEs) for Urdu on the basis of a relatively small unannotated corpus (around 8.12 million tokens). The MWEs are extracted by an unsupervised method and classified into two distinct classes, namely locations and person names. The classification is based on simple heuristics that take the co-occurrence of MWEs with distinct postpositions into account.

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  • Supervised polarity classification systems are typically domain-specific. Building these systems involves the expensive process of annotating a large amount of data for each domain. A potential solution to this corpus annotation bottleneck is to build unsupervised polarity classification systems. However, unsupervised learning of polarity is difficult, owing in part to the prevalence of sentimentally ambiguous reviews, where reviewers discuss both the positive and negative aspects of a product. ...

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  • Classifying text genres across languages can bring the benefits of genre classification to the target language without the costs of manual annotation. This article introduces the first approach to this task, which exploits text features that can be considered stable genre predictors across languages. My experiments show this method to perform equally well or better than full text translation combined with monolingual classification, while requiring fewer resources.

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  • Previous work on classifying information status (Nissim, 2006; Rahman and Ng, 2011) is restricted to coarse-grained classification and focuses on conversational dialogue. We here introduce the task of classifying finegrained information status and work on written text. We add a fine-grained information status layer to the Wall Street Journal portion of the OntoNotes corpus.

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  • We present a novel approach to the automatic acquisition of a Verbnet like classification of French verbs which involves the use (i) of a neural clustering method which associates clusters with features, (ii) of several supervised and unsupervised evaluation metrics and (iii) of various existing syntactic and semantic lexical resources. We evaluate our approach on an established test set and show that it outperforms previous related work with an Fmeasure of 0.70.

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  • We present an automatic approach to determining whether a pronoun in text refers to a preceding noun phrase or is instead nonreferential. We extract the surrounding textual context of the pronoun and gather, from a large corpus, the distribution of words that occur within that context. We learn to reliably classify these distributions as representing either referential or non-referential pronoun instances. Despite its simplicity, experimental results on classifying the English pronoun it show the system achieves the highest performance yet attained on this important task. i...

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  • We report initial results on the relatively novel task of automatic classification of author personality. Using a corpus of personal weblogs, or ‘blogs’, we investigate the accuracy that can be achieved when classifying authors on four important personality traits. We explore both binary and multiple classification, using differing sets of n-gram features. Results are promising for all four traits examined.

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  • A crucial step toward the goal of automatic extraction of propositional information from natural language text is the identification of semantic relations between constituents in sentences. We examine the problem of distinguishing among seven relation types that can occur between the entities “treatment” and “disease” in bioscience text, and the problem of identifying such entities. We compare five generative graphical models and a neural network, using lexical, syntactic, and semantic features, finding that the latter help achieve high classification accuracy. ...

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  • We introduce a set of criterions for classifying signature-only signature models. By the criterions, we classify signature models into 5 basic types and 69 general classes.

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  • Until recently, surgical resection was considered the only option for treatment of kidney cancer, especially renal cell carcinoma. The disease is relatively resistant to both radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and although alternative systemic therapies such as interleukin- 2 immunotherapy and interferon have shown promise, objective response rates are still quite low. Minimally invasive therapies have piqued the interest of researchers by showing significant improvements in treatment and management of kidney cancer.

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  • The teaching of constitutional law in American law schools focuses primarily—in fact, almost exclusively—on decisions rendered by the United States Supreme Court interpreting the Federal Constitution. For teachers of constitutional law who believe that equality and liberty are quintessential to a free society, this has come to be a disheartening affair, as the Supreme Court of the United States has become increasingly conservative and antipathetic, if not hostile, to the recognition of individual rights....

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  • The purpose of this collection is to present some of the diversity of ideas and studies about species that can be classifi ed as “ecosystem engineers.” As with any developing concept, we fi nd disagreement about the meaning and usefulness of this term in the literature and among ourselves. The idea for the book arose in a National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) working group designed to develop models of ecosystem engineering species.

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  • Microbubble-based contrast agents for ultrasound were introduced some time ago, although their clinical application has become widespread only in recent years. Since color and power Doppler reveal overt artifacts after microbubble injection due to the peculiar features of harmonic signals produced by insonation of microbubbles, dedicated contrast-specifi c modes of US were introduced to optimize the registration of such signals.

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  • We wrote this book to share with other ecologists what we have learned about the structure and use of theory and its relationship to the myriad activities that constitute modern science. Our own quest was motivated by the sometimes unclear way in which the term “theory” is used in both scientifi c publications and informal discussions. We needed to fi nd out what theory was and how it was built. We also wanted to evaluate the varied and often contradictory claims made about what constitutes proper scientifi c practice.

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  • Defi ning, gathering, and disseminating international statistics is a collective effort of many people and organizations. The indicators presented in World Development Indicators are the fruit of decades of work at many levels, from the fi eld workers who administer censuses and household surveys to the committees and working parties of the national and international statistical agencies that develop the nomenclature, classifi cations, and standards fundamental to an international statistical system.

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  • Strains ofPseudomonas syringaepv. porri are characterized by a number of pathovar-specific phenotypic and genomic characters and constitute a highly homogeneous group. Using monoclonal antibodies, they all were classified in a novelP. syringaeserogroup O9. The O polysaccharides (OPS) isolated from the lipopolysaccharides (LPS) of P. syringaepv.

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  • AnN-acyl-D-amino acid amidohydrolase (N-D-AAase) was identified in cell extracts of a strain, Iso1, isolated from an environment containing N-acetyl-D-methionine. The bac-terium was classified as Variovorax paradoxusby phylo-genetic analysis. The gene was cloned and sequenced. The gene consisted of a 1467-bpORF encoding a polypeptide of 488 amino acids. TheV.

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  • Introduction: Surfactants can be classified into cationic, anionic and nonionic ones. Benzalkonium chlorides are cationic surfectants and being widely used as a disinfectant and germicide using their strong protein-denaturing action. Especially in hospitals, 10 % solution of benzalkonium chloride mixture is being usually used; it is diluted to 0.05–0.1 % solution to be used for various types of disinfection. The drugs are contained in gargles and preservative solutions for contact lenses.

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  • We classify measures on the locally homogeneous space Γ\ SL(2, R) × L which are invariant and have positive entropy under the diagonal subgroup of SL(2, R) and recurrent under L. This classification can be used to show arithmetic quantum unique ergodicity for compact arithmetic surfaces, and a similar but slightly weaker result for the finite volume case. Other applications are also presented. In the appendix, joint with D. Rudolph, we present a maximal ergodic theorem, related to a theorem of Hurewicz, which is used in theproof of the main result. ...

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