Client server applications

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  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Client/Server Chapter 2: Visual FoxPro for Client/Server Development Chapter 3: Introduction to SQL Server 7.0 Chapter 4: Remote Views Chapter 5: Upsizing: Moving from File-Server to Client/Server Chapter 6: Extending Remote Views with SQL Pass Through Chapter 7: Downsizing Chapter 8: Errors and Debugging

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  • This chapter is an introduction to the application layer. In the next eight chapters we introduce common client-server applications used in the Internet. In this chapter, we give a general picture of how a client-server program is designed and give some simple codes of their implementation. The area of network programming is a very vast and complicated one; it cannot be covered in one chapter. We need to give a bird’s-eye view of this discipline to make the contents of the next eight chapters easier to understand.

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  • Bài giảng Computer Networks 1 (Mạng Máy Tính 1): Lecture 9 - Socket Programming with Java bao gồm những nội dung về Using InetAddress, Using Socket, Using ServerSocket, Client-Server Application with UDP, UDP Client, Client-Server Application with TCP.

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  • SQL Server là một hệ quản trị CSDL (RDBMS – Rational Database Management System) chạy trên hệ thống mạng Windows NT 4 hay Windows 2000. Có thể dùng trong các mô hình : Network servers: chuyên cung cấp các tài nguyên cho máy trạm Client/Server Application: phân chia nhiệm vụ giữa hệ thống máy trạm và máy chủ

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  • Secure Shell (SSH) is a utility that can be described in many different ways. It can be described as a protocol, an encryption tool, a client/server application, or a command interface. Along with its various descriptions, SSH provides various functions with a single package. SSH’s diverse set of services and the ability to provide those services in a secure manner have allowed it to become a staple in many enterprise networks.

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  • During the last year there has hardly been an issue of a computer or business magazine not flooded with buzzwords like “e-commerce,” Internet, Web, or security. E-commerce (electronic commerce) is a result of moving the economy to a new medium, namely the computer network. For the most part, interconnected networks all over the world use a common set of protocols (i.e., TCP/IP), thus making up the Internet.

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  • A Tutorial on SQL Server 2005 CMPT 354 Fall 2007 .Road Map Create Database Objects Create a database Create a table Set a constraint Create a view Create a user Query Manage the Data Import data Export data Backup the database Restore the database 2 .Client-Server Architecture User runs a query 1 Query is sent to the server 2 3 4 Workstation 5 Results sent back to workstations Database Query is run Server on server Results are given to user 3 .

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  • Bài giảng Mạng máy tính - Chương 2: Lớp ứng dụng (Application Layer) giúp các bạn làm quen với các khái niệm cũng như thực hiện các giao thức ứng dụng (mô hình dịch vụ lớp truyền tải, mô hình client-server, mô hình peer-to-peer).

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  • In this chapter, you will learn howcomputer networks, remote computers, and remote data storage can improve reliability and performance for both kinds of processing. This chapter explains the ways that DBMSs utilize computer networks, remote computers, and remote data storage. Before understanding the details, you should understand the motivation for utilizing these resources.

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  • After studying this chapter you should be able to: Explain the various functions of a typical web application, explain what is meant by the term "client/server" and how the client/server architecture can be implemented in a number of different ways, discuss the tradeoffs associated with various client/server architecture options,...

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  • The Wonderware InTouch Client Driver provides an easy and reliable way to connect Wonderware InTouch applications to OPC Client applications, including HMI, SCADA, Historian, MES, ERP and countless custom applications. This driver can be used to expose Wonderware InTouch tag databases to OPC clients. This includes all I/O and memory tags in the InTouch Tag Database, including those configured as local and remote tags. This driver can import tags defined in the InTouch applications, greatly reducing the project development effort. Wonderware InTouch 7.1 or higher is required.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 4.11 Updating Server Data Using a Web Service Problem You want to update a data source using an XML web service and use the web service from your client application. Solution Use a DataSet object. The XML web service code contains two methods: LoadOrders( )

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  • Máy tính trên Internet liên lạc với nhau dùng giao thức TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) hoặc UDP (User Datagram Protocol). Khi viết chương trình Java liên lạc trên mạng là viết ở lớp ứng dụng (lớp application) và sử dụng những lớp trong gói để truy xuất lớp TCP/UDP (lớp transport).

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  • Sun Microsystems, Inc. has intellectual property rights relating to technology embodied in the product that is described in this document. In particular, and without limitation, these intellectual property rights may include one or more U.S. patents or pending patent applications in the U.S. and in other countries. U.S. Government Rights – Commercial software. Government users are subject to the Sun Microsystems, Inc. standard license agreement and applicable provisions of the FAR and its supplements. This distribution may include materials developed by third parties.

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  • Updating Server Data Using .NET Remoting Problem You want to update a data source using .NET remoting and use the remote application from your client application. Solution Use System.MarshalByRefObject to create a remoteable class.

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  • Deliver dynamic, client/server PL/SQL applications with expert guidance from an Oracle programming professional. With full coverage of the latest features and tools, Oracle Database 11g PL/SQL Programming lays out each topic alongside detailed explanations, cut-and-paste syntax examples, and real-world case studies. Access and modify database information, construct powerful PL/SQL statements, execute effective queries, and deploy bulletproof security. You'll also learn how to implement C, C++, and Java procedures, Web-enable your database, cut development time, and optimize performance....

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  • Configuring the Web Proxy Client The web proxy client is any system that has been configured to use a proxy for Winsock applications. This is typically done in the client web browser settings

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  • This chapter explores thin-client/server computing and discusses the pros and cons of deploying Terminal Services to support a thin-client/server infrastructure in your enterprise. Thin-client/server technology has been proven to drastically lower total cost of ownership, and it virtually eliminates workstation obsolescence in a vast majority of computer applications. It is also a cost-effective, rapid, and simple means of deploying a native Windows 2000 network, in which all clients connect to Windows 2000 desktops, in a legacy Windows environment....

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  • Nhìn chung mọi ứng dụng cơ sở dữ liệu đều bao gồm các phần: - Thành phần xử lý ứng dụng (Application processing components) - Thành phần phần mềm cơ sở dữ liệu (Database software componets) - Bản thân cơ sở dữ liệu (The database itself) Các mô hình về xử lý cơ sở dữ liệu khác nhau là bởi các trường hợp của 3 loại thành phần nói trên định vị ở đâu. Bài viết này này xin giới thiệu 5 mô hình kiến trúc dựa trên cấu hình phân tán về truy nhập dữ liệu của hệ...

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  • Giới thiệu Socket là một giao diện lập trình ứng dụng (API-Application Programming Interface). Nó được giới thiệu lần đầu tiên trong ấn bản UNIX - BSD 4.2.

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