Climatic records

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  • This book offers an interdisciplinary view of the biophysical issues related to climate change. Climate change is a phenomenon by which the long-term averages of weather events (i.e. temperature, precipitation, wind speed, etc.) that define the climate of a region are not constant but change over time. There have been a series of past periods of climatic change, registered in historical or paleoecological records.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'climate change – geophysical foundations and ecological effects_1', khoa học tự nhiên, công nghệ môi trường phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The annual summer warming of the Arctic in 2008 was watched closely by an army of expert observers and other interested parties around the world. Organisations such as the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)3 published neardaily updates on the state of the Arctic sea ice, which every year recedes from its winter maximum as the summer comes to the far north. The reason for this scrutiny was the record low level of Arctic sea ice extent observed in summer 2007, when an area of ice nearly the size of Alaska melted.

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  • Climate change is a long-term shift in the statistics of the weather (including its averages). For example, it could show up as a change in climate normalcy (expected average values for temperature and precipitation) for a given place and time of year, from one decade to the next. We know that the global climate is currently changing. The last decade of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st have been the warmest periods in the entire global instrumental temperature record, starting in the mid-19th century.

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  • Understanding the origins of humanity has long been one of our foremost intellectual pursuits, and one that greatly interests the general public as evidenced by museum attendance and by numerous media productions and general interest publications. Progress toward an improved understanding of our heritage is a continuing challenge for the scientific community, requiring advances in a range of disciplines that include archaeology, anthropology, geology, biology, oceanography, and genetics, and particularly research advances in areas where two or more of these fields intersect.

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  • Thảm thực vật nói chung và rừng đặc biệt dưới hình thức một phần của tự nhiên carbon chu kỳ. Mặc dù hầu hết các quy định lâu dài của khí quyển (thiên niên kỷ) CO2 là do trao đổi với các đại dương, 1 ngắn hạn đến thảm thực vật tăng trưởng và bị hư hoại là hiển nhiên trong CO2 trong khí quyển kéo dài nhiều năm record.

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  • It would add up to a major record of EU action before the June 2014 European Parliament elections. In 2013 the Commission will devote much effort to implementation as an immediate way of delivering on the benefits of EU action.

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  • More and more evidence of global climate warming, sea level rise, droughts, floods and climate extremes are recorded. In Vietnam, the manifestation of climate change (CC) is often considered as changing the level and trend of variation of main climatic elements and sea level. However, Vietnam climate influenced by the characteristics of atmospheric circulation in the Earth climate system.

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  • Emission profiles should be recorded instead of levels derived from short sampling periods. Emission data should be related to the operations responsible. For emissions to air, BAT is to monitor the emission profile which reflects the operational mode of the production process. In the case of a non-oxidative abatement/recovery system, BAT is to apply a continuous monitoring system (e.g. Flame Ionisation Detector, FID), where exhaust gases from various processes are treated in a central recovery/abatement system.

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  • The meteorological archive contains what is believed to be the longest continuous daily climate series from a single site in the UK and Ireland and one of the longest in the world. The climate station has been continuously maintained since 1795, with readings currently taken every day at 09:00 (GMT). Calibration of these data has enabled researchers and government agencies to use the Armagh series for reports and research into global warming. This is a subject of strategic importance for Northern Ireland as we move into an era of rapid climate change.

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  • Records Retention Schedule - A list of all records produced or maintained by an agency and the actions taken with regards to those records. A retention schedule is an agency’s legal authority to receive, create, retain, and dispose of official public records. It assists the agency by documenting which records require office or temporary storage, which records have historic or research value, and which records should be destroyed because they no longer have any administrative, fiscal, or legal value.

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  • There is now widespread consensus that the Earth is warming at a rate unprece- dented during post hunter-gatherer human existence. The last decade was the warmest since instrumental records began in the nineteenth century, and con- tained 9 of the 10 warmest years ever recorded. The causes of this change are increasingly well understood.

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  • Some of the key components of content development are the collection, localisation and preservation of content to be disseminated. Anything that helps reduce the price of recording media for content creators and distributors can help promote the recording and dissemination of local content. Some countries have chosen to impose levies on blank media (e.g. CD’s and DVDs) as a way to help compensate artists for illegal copying of their work.

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  • Marine Sediments are:Particles of various sizes derived from a variety of sources that are deposited on the ocean floor.A vast “library” recording geologic, oceanographic and climatic conditions Remarkably complete compared to land Effects of water velocity on transport: rivers and nearshore vs open ocean...

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  • When we published the first edition of Paying for Performance in 1997, the business climate was very different than it is today. At that time, the U.S. financial markets were in the midst of an unprecedented multiyear boom. Many established companies were delivering record profits, but perhaps more important, a myriad of “new economy” marvels were rewriting long-standing rules about the relationship between earnings and market value, the relative importance of growth and profitability, and the definition of what constitutes successful business performance.

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  • In today’s fast paced economic climate, enterprise companies are continually pressured to do more with less, yet they are expanding their reach nationally and globally at a record pace. The corporate network is being stretched like never before. New applications such as video conferencing and monitoring, file sharing, and Voice over IP (VoIP) demand more bandwidth. Regulatory requirements are putting pressure on IT resources for compliance, and remote locations need to receive the same application support and resources as the corporate network – all without increasing cost....

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  • Inspection devices * climatic exposure test cabinet * record sheets

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  • The wind itself owns variations and indeterminists governed by global circulations, regional climates, and local topographies and so on. Customarily, extreme wind speeds are preferably defined in term of probability which is interested for engineering today. Thus, the well wind records, identified wind mechanisms, and suitable methods of extreme value analysis and so on, are always required to predict reliable design wind speeds that would be used for structural design. For the past three decades, there have been many valuable studies in developing basic design wind speed map. ...

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