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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Fluid mechanics and Its applications" has contents: Discretization of the convection term, high resolution schemes, fluid flow computation - Compressible flows, turbulence modeling, closing remarks, fluid flow computation - Compressible flows,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "A concise guide to intraoperative monitoring" presents the following contents: Evoked activity, spine surgery, cranial surgery, artifacts and troubleshooting, closing remarks.

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  • Aesthetics — Basics*1 Introduction 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.

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  • On first glance, official identification of human remains and certification of the cause of death appear to be mundane endeavors that serve mainly private needs of families, insurers, and litigants. In truth, however, valid and reliable data on the circumstances and causes of deaths serve a variety of important public needs, including fair and accurate adjudication in criminal and civil cases, maintenance of accurate vital statistics, effective public health surveillance and response, advances in health and safety research, and improvement in quality of heath care....

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  • Intra-partum, post-natal and neonatal cares have the potential to save 20-40% of newborn lives. Care at birth and in the first days of life not only saves the lives of mothers and newborns, but also reduces serious complications that may have long-term effect. The SNL (Saving Newborn Lives) initiative demonstrates remarkable changes in all areas of maternal and newborn care. Training CHWs in Essential Newborn Care (ENC) has increased the proportion of women receiving early ante- and post-natal care. Trained TBAs are important providers of delivery and PNC services in the community.

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  • The action of the Royal Society at its meeting in London on November 6, in recognizing Dr. Albert Einstein's “theory of relativity” has caused a great stir in scientific circles on both sides of the Atlantic. Dr. Einstein propounded his theory nearly fifteen years ago. The present revival of interest in it is due to the remarkable confirmation which it received in the report of the observations made during the sun's eclipse of last May to determine whether rays of light passing close to the sun are deflected from their course....

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  • The past three decades have been a remarkable period for innovation. This is no less true, and probably truer, for financial innovation. No prior period of equal length has ever witnessed anything that even comes close. This innovation has included amazing advances in financial theory, computational capability, new product design, new trading processes, new markets, and new applications. In fact, each of these innovations has supported and reinforced the others.

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  • The first edition of Wittgenstein: Understanding and Meaning was written between 1976 and 1979. Gordon Baker and I intended it to be a comprehensive commentary on §§1–184 of Wittgenstein’s masterwork that would serve as a reference work for scholars intent upon a close study of the text. The essays attempted to give overviews of Wittgenstein’s treatment of specific themes.

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  • Inspired by Lorenz’ remarkable chaotic flow, we describe in this paper the structure of all C 1 robust transitive sets with singularities for flows on closed 3-manifolds: they are partially hyperbolic with volume-expanding central direction, and are either attractors or repellers. In particular, any C 1 robust attractor with singularities for flows on closed 3-manifolds always has an invariant foliation whose leaves are forward contracted by the flow, and has positive Lyapunov exponent at every orbit, showing that any C 1 robust attractor resembles a geometric Lorenz attractor. ...

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  • In this paper we will discuss the geometry of finite topology properly embedded minimal surfaces M in R3 . M of finite topology means M is homeomorphic to a compact surface M (of genus k and empty boundary) minus a finite number of points p1 , ..., pj ∈ M , called the punctures. A closed neighborhood E of a puncture in M is called an end of M . We will choose the ends sufficiently small so they are topologically S 1 × [0, 1) and hence, annular. We remark that M is orientable since M is properly...

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  • The outline and incomplete material of AN UNDIVIDED UNION were left among the papers of the late William T. Adams ("Oliver Optic"), and the same notes that were to complete the "Blue and Gray--On Land" series also closed the life-work of America's best-known writer of boys' stories. There has been a constant demand that this unfinished concluding volume be prepared for publication, and Mr.

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  • The conventional political scientist’s understanding of power sharing does not make so firm a distinction between tiny and great power sharing, but rather addresses the formal method. It is best summarised in the remarkable forty years’ work by Arndt Lijphart 11 He argues that proportional representation, together with consensual, consociational, negotiated inclusions of as many points of view as possible, are essential in what he calls “divided societies”.

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  • Experience up-close encounters with some of the most remarkable marine life ever captured on film while examining the impact of global climate change on the ocean wilderness as award-winning director/cinematographer Howard Hall (Into the Deep, Deep Sea 3D) travels from South Australia to the Indo-Pacific to teach viewers the importance of keeping our oceans clean for future generations. Just how great of an effect does global warming have on marine wildlife, and what can be done to ensure the future well-being of our planet?...

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  • Yeast IA3 aspartic proteinase inhibitor operates through an unprecedented mechanism and exhibits a remarkable specificity for one target enzyme, sac-charopepsin. Even aspartic proteinases that are very closely similar to saccharopepsin (e.g. the vacuolar enzyme fromPichia pastoris) are not sus-ceptible to significant inhibition.

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  • Although the Flow of Funds data are available only after 1945, it is clear from Figure 3 that the market value of NYSE companies as a fraction of the market value of all U.S. companies has been remarkably constant. The total market value of all domestic corporations is about 1.45 times the market value of NYSE companies. Notice that these values are very close for the entire post-World War II period — not only on average but at peaks and troughs too. If we assume that the ratio is roughly 1.45 in the pre-World War II period as well, we can use the NYSE values to...

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  • Tom, did you know Andy Foger was back in town?" "Great Scott, no, I didn't Ned! Not to stay, I hope." "I guess not. The old Foger homestead is closed up, though I did see a man working around it to-day as I came past. But he was a carpenter, making some repairs I think. No, I don't believe Andy is here to stay." "But if some one is fixing up the house, it looks as if the family would come back," remarked Tom, as he thought of the lad who had so long been his enemy, and who had done him many mean turns before leaving Shopton,...

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  • Tom Swift closed the book of adventures he had been reading, tossed it on the table, and got up. Then he yawned. "What's the matter?" asked his chum, Ned Newton, who was deep in another volume. "Oh, I thought this was going to be something exciting," replied Tom, motioning toward the book he had discarded. "But say! the make- believe adventures that fellow had, weren't anything compared to those we went through in the city of gold, or while rescuing the exiles of Siberia." "Well," remarked Ned, "they would have to be pretty classy adventures to lay over those you and I have had lately.

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